BBQ Pizza

Yes, you can make barbeque pizza on your BBQ grill! ;-)

I first saw this demonstrated years ago when I had a "grill the most interesting thing on the BBQ" party and some folks made pizza. They used the "small" crusts and simply put them on aluminum foil on the upper BBQ grill rack, but it's quite doable with large pizza's. The cooking is the challenging part of this; since you want to cook the pizza without burning it from flames underneath.

Pre-heat your BBQ grill with a pizza stone in the grill. While this is going on, make your pizza and transfer to stone when ready. I then turn the 3 burners on my BBQ to LOW and let 'er cook for 10-15 minutes and I find that not only is the cheese melted, but this was also long enough for the other toppings to get hot. An optional step that I've found works very well is if you have a back/rotissare burner, turn that on LOW also. You'll need to rotate the pizza once or twice, but this "browns" the cheese and crust a bit, and is definately a step up in my book. If you do not have a pizza stone, then try doubling up on aluminum foil, and be sure to get the grill really hot beforehand, then turn burners way down.

Remove from your grill and serve. You can place the pizza stone directly on your table (or use ceramic coasters) which will help keep it piping hot. Enjoy your BBQ Pizza!

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