BBQ Ribs

While this BBQ Ribs receipe isn't done on the Barbeque, it's a huge hit around my household and my son Dirk keeps asking if our BBQ Ribs are as "world famous" as the BBQ Shrimp so I thought I'd add it to the web site. This is one of the easiest Rib recipes to make and requires hardly any cleanup ... except the fingers and faces of your Rib Eaters. You basically do a little bit of prep in the morning, and then your house ends up smelling awesome by the afternoon. I've put ballpark times down below, but these are fairly forgiving, plus if you want to eat later (and can resist not tearing down the oven door ;-), just let 'em cook a little longer, watching the water level to insure there is always some in the pan. These BBQ Ribs are perfect for guests because when they walk in the door, they will want to eat NOW!

The Cookshack folks and BBQ Brethren (who are quite religious about their BBQ'ing) have some funny commentary about this recipe ... ;-)

   1 Double rack of Ribs (we buy 'em at Costco)
   1 Jar BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece is gluten-free for our kids)

DIRECTIONS (Start first thing in the morning)
   Fill large pan halfway full with water and bring to boil
   Pull membrane off of ribs and place in water - boil for 20 minutes
   Pull ribs out and dump about half the water
   Put rack in pan and then ribs on top of rack - should be just above waterline
   Cover with aluminum foil
   Put in oven at 225 (convection)
   At noon, brush on first layer of BBQ sauce onto ribs
   Go outside for a bit, and then come back in - didn't realize it smelled that good, eh?!?
   At 2:00, brush on the second layer of BBQ sauce - remove aluminum foil
   Now it smells good even if you don't go outside
   At 4:00, brush on final layer - add water if neccessary to pan
   Crank oven up to 255 (convection)
   Bet you can't resist pulling a rib off to taste!  ;-)
   Try to wait at least until 5:00 before serving 
   Serve with BBQ sauce on the side for those that want it

Barbeque Ribs being boiled - both burners are actually on

bbq ribs 1

My wife Wendy pulls 'em out while Brenden looks on

bbq ribs 2

Cover 'em with foil and toss in the oven - note time and temp

bbq ribs 3

Alek (and Philipp) adds BBQ sauce to ribs while wearing appropriate BBQ attire

alek bbq ribs

Dirk takes a look at 4:16 - "I want to start eating the BBQ Ribs Dad!"

bbq ribs 5

I give Dirk a few and he goes to work right away on 'em

barbqeue ribs 6

BBQ Ribs are almost gone, but Dirk wants more

barbeque ribs 7

Alek after eating a LOT of BBQ Ribs - BBUURRPPPP!

alek bbq ribs done

So now you know how to make some bbq ribs! ;-)

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