A McDonald's French Fry

My two boys, Dirk-n-Kyle, like McDonald's ... and the "Golden Arches" are recognized anytime we are on the road and they immediately chime up "we want french fries from McDonald's." This is actually our favorite fast-food place because our kids have celiacs disease which means they can't eat anything with wheat or gluten ... and cross-contamination is a concern. So while most fast food places use the same fryer for their breaded chicken, etc., McDonald's has a dedicated fryer for their french fries. And when you order a Happy Meal with "no bun", they don't make the common mistake of removing the bun, but instead, place the burger (sans bun) in the plastic container; looks strange, but the Boys love it. Although it certainly seems the main appeal is the toy they get - commercial marketing to kids is good!

McDonald's french fries are pretty darn good - they make 'em with potatoes like everyone else, but I've heard their cooking oil is the secret. Regardless, I don't have their recipe ... but shown below is one darn cute McDonald French Fry ... and what goes well with that is a Coke Can! ;-)

These are some hand-me-down Halloween outfits that Kyle was playing around with ... so while I hope you enjoy these pictures on the Internet, you'll need to hit the road to get the real McDonald's French Fries! ;-)

Kyle as a ... McDonald's French Fry

McDonald French Fry Fries

And a Coke Can


At Burger King, "You can have it [the Whopper] your Way!" ... This guy did!!!


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