Peach Birds

There are few things in life better than fresh Colorado Peaches ... but various critters like 'em too as can be seen below. I also have a page about peach wasps, peach foxes and peach squirrels that are pretty aggressive around peach trees.

Bird taking a BIG BITE outa my (!) peach!

peach bird

Stop-action sequence of another bird taking a bite outa a peach!

peach bird 10 peach bird 20
peach bird 30 peach bird 40
peach bird 50 peach bird 60

Picture from my upstairs window of one particularly aggressive bird!

peach bird 1

These pictures were taken with a Rebel XTi DSLR using a Canon 70-300DO lens ... so I was about 20-30 feet away zoomed in for these shots. If you move closer, the birds stop eating ... but they hold their ground and don't spook easily.