Foxes going after my Peaches!

I've had a couple of peach trees in my backyard for years, so I'm used to birds, squirrels, wasps, and various critters stopping in for a snack. But in 2010, I saw some foxes coming by for my peaches. While these aren't that uncommon (the house next door even had a den under their deck a while back), it's the first time I've seen 'em make a play for the peaches. My wife Wendy (she's the one who cut up all the peaches in the last picture - great job honey!) is pretty sure she's seen two separate foxes. Both are pretty mangy looking ... and since these pictures were taken in mid-September, they'll probably have a tough time in the upcoming winter ... so while it's not cool to feed wildlife, I'm happy to share my leftover peaches with 'em! ;-)

Baby Bunny Rabbit ... and a Red Fox - D'OH!

Videos: Watch the fox eat a peach and pee,   get stung by wasps,   grab a peach,   poop in yard! ;-)

The fox says this is one tasty peach!

peach foxes 1

Fox nibbling on a peach - mouseover image to see in action

peach foxes b1

Here's a closeup of a peach after a fox has taken a few bites out of it

peach foxes peach

Fox in the backyard - mouseover next two images to see in action

peach foxes b2

peach foxes b2

Fox at the West End of the back yard

peach foxes fence

A big fox yawn - mouseover images to see the mouth close

peach foxes b2

Fox decides it is time to leave - mouseover to see 'em stretch up the fence

peach foxes hop fence

Fox heads off to the neighbor's yard to see if they have anything interesting ...

peaches in freezer fox

Just don't let the fox know that my wife has 16 bags of peaches in the freezer! ;-)

peaches in freezer fox
Videos: Watch the fox eat a Peach and Pee,   get stung by wasps,   grab a peach,   poop in yard! ;-)