How to make Homemade Ice Cream with Krups Maker

This is the final step in making homemade ice cream. We made peach ice cream and the initial prep steps are outlined there. Also see the cute pictures when the boys added whipping cream near the end. You basically take the frozen Krups cylinder that has been in the freezer for a few days and dump a bunch ice cream goolash into it, Only fill it about 2/3'rds the way up - as it expands a bit as it entraps air. Fire up the motor and away you go - it will take about 15 minutes and you'll start to hear the motor strain a bit near the end. Use a spoon to stir it a bit as it goes ... and, of course, sample a bit. All of a sudden, the motor will just STOP - the ice cream has frozen enough that it no longer has enough torque to keep spinning.

Serve the ice cream straight from the container - it will be very creamy. If you don't finish it, fill the smallest tupperware container and seal it up, tossing into the freezer ... but this isn't near as good the next day ... so just eat it all right now! ;-)

Krups Ice Cream Maker ready to go ...

... oh yeah, we need the frozen cylinder! ;-)

krups ice cream maker krups ice cylinder

Uncle Myke pours the ice cream mix in

Boys check out the Krups ice cream maker

krups 1 krups 2

Everyone takes a closer look ...

... and even closer!

krups look 1 krups look 2

Uncle Myke says WAIT for the ice cream

But Kyle makes an early move on the Krups!

wait for ice cream kyle at krups

Kyle was anxious to have some ice cream

I think he likes it!

kyle krups 2 kyle krups 1

Dirk and Myke give it a thumbs up

Alek caught after making homemade ice cream

homemade ice cream good ice cream

Hope this how to make homemade ice cream page has been helpful/entertaining to 'ya

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