Whipping Cream

One of the ingredients in making homemade ice cream is whipping cream itself. This (basically heavy milk) comes in a carton, so my boys asked how this was going to turn into whipping cream since they are used to the stuff that sprays out of the can. I explained this wasn't quite the case, but regardless, it was an important part of our peach ice cream recipe and would make it darn yummy.

Kyle starts pouring the whipping cream

Yep - it's going into the saucepan

whipping cream 1 whipping cream 2

Start pouring again

Pretty cute whipping cream boy! ;-)

whipping cream 3 whipping cream 4

Dirk pours the 2nd carton of whipping cream

Boys really were having fun

dirk cream dirk whipping

Lotta splatter when Dirk poured from up high

This was a lot less messier

pour peaches 1 pour peaches 2

Stirring up the peach ice cream

Put in the fridge overnight to chill

stir peaches ice cream fridge

Continue on for how to use the krups ice cream maker (it ROCKS!) and/or go back to my barbeque recipes