Screen Shot of 2002 Christmas lights webcam/webcontrol - version 1.4

This web interface demonstrates how one could use a webcam to view live images of 22,000 Xmas lights and also CONTROL them - i.e. turn them ON and OFF via your web browser. The webcam and webcontrol demo are ONLY operational between 1800 and 2200 Mountain Standard Time. Each web surfer can only update the webcam 5 times and change the lights 3 times withen 5 minutes - this limits the load on my server/Internet connection and I'm concerned about this being (ab)used too much and the flickering lights bothering the neighbors! ;-)

Message for Internet-User: You have changed the xmas lights 2 times and updated the webcam 3 times

Sending commands to X10 controls:
      You threw a ROCK!                 Requesting that zone 2 be turned ON ...       doing X10 status check ...       FAILED ... Re-requesting that zone 2 be turned ON ...       doing X10 status check ...       Zone 2 is NOW OFF!!! (warning: voltage sag to 103.83 volts detected)
      Waiting for webcam update ...       retrieving image ...       got it!

Querying other X10 Sensors (click here to read how these work) ...
      Moisture sensor read 0.01 inches at 2100 - probably no snow/rain for a while
      Sky Sensor detected TONS of stars at 2100 - probably light clouds
      Garage sensor indicates garage is closed
      Ground-Motion-Cam did not detect anyone walking around
      Road-Cam indicates possible car driveby
      Sky-Motion-Cam indicates possible airplane sighting in top middle
      Total house amperage load currently 88.3 Amps
      Steady-State voltage is 116.1 Volts

xmas lights webcam current

Control Panel
X10 ZONE            Current       Change to

X10-Zone       Amps   Lights    Description
   1            0.2        7    Driveway Lights
   1            1.0      300    Lower Red Bells
   2            8.9    2,000    Blue lights and ALL Left Side
   2            6.0    1,800    Chimney, Upper Icicles
   2            8.2    3,100    Front Junipers and Fence Wraps
   2            9.3    2,200    Garage Icicles, Upstairs Novelties & Red Bell
   3           11.0    3,200    House Junipers & Column Wraps
   3           11.5    3,100    Snowman White Background
   4           11.5    3,200    Snowman Accouterments, Santa, Star
   4           10.0    3,000    Right Tall Tree, Back Wraps and Purple Lights
 TIMER          1.0      200    Downstairs novelties
TOTALS         78.6   22,107

Questions/comments/whatever about this extravaganza - send Santa an Email which I'll include in a public forum for all to see