Misc. "interesting/different" pictures shot by the xmas_webcam

Like most webcam's, the reality is most of the pictures shot by the xmas_webcam are not THAT "interesting" ... unless of course you are really into Xmas lights! ;-)

However, there are some that are more "interesting" than others, and the camera catches cars driving by the house, people gawking at the lights, me driving into the garage, my kids at the windows, and other "interesting" things. Note that "interesting" continues to be quoted ... I'm not sure any of the above is truly interesting! ;-)

BTW, be sure to check the index to the cool christmas pictures throughout the years which also includes some from Halloween.

So rather than includes picture of the above ... which aren't really that "interesting" (and you have probably seen 'em anyway if you have updated the webcam enough time), I'll try to only include pictures that are truly different/interesting such as:

    2002_12_21_19:27 - Myke and his motorcyle - 'nuff said!

    2002_12_23_21:09 - Correctly guessing the sex of an unborn child! ;-)

    2002_12_24_18:57 - Smiling in front of the camera as the lights go crazy! Unknown to me at the time, my brother Myke had Slashdotted my web site 8 minutes earlier. This means they were really flickering - the guy standing in front of the snowman asked me if I had an electrical short somewhere! ;-)

    2002_12_25_21:19 - What is special about this picture? The web logs show at least 19 different IP addresses trying (via "backdoors" in the web server) to retrieve this picture ... so here it is!

    2002_12_27_19:06 - Rescue Heros on the xmas_webcam!

    2002_12_27_21:17 - Snowman ... uhhhhh ... "vandalized" and cuplrit caught in the act on the xmas_webcam - this is worth a look! ;-)

    2002_12_29_17:47 - Alek crushes Myke in best two-outa-three Rock Paper Scissors Roshambo via the xmas_webcam.

If you notice a xmas_webcam picture that is truly cool/neat, send me an Email with the an exact as time as possible (plus what was cool about it) and I'll look in the archives to see if it merits putting up here.