2007 News/Media stuff about Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease Research

It been entertaining over the years to read the various media reports about my Christmas lights webcam. I certainly had my 15 minutes of fame for Christmas 2004 where there was international publicity about my lights. I'd be happy to get 15 seconds in subsequent years to benefit the Celiac Disease fund-rasing effort - over $20,000 has been raised. While the online linkage are wayyyy too numerous to list, here's a couple mentions that I thought were kinda interesting.

2007_11_25 The Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease go LIVE the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Meghan Barr from the Associated Press already has a story that mentions 'em and is picked up in numerous places.

2007_12_01 David Wight wrote a nice summary for Costco Connection Magazine - this went to all seven million of their members - D'OH! ;-)

2007_12_03: While there are already countless online web site that have mentioned the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease, this one by Lola at You Think What was particularly nice.

2007_12_04: I gave a presentation at the Boulder Tech Meetup - the Christmas Lights looked pretty darn cool on ten foot screens!

2007_12_05: Now this is a first as can be seen in picture 1 and picture 2. Noted technology evangelist Chris Pirillo has a live webcam watching him. So he was watching my site ... but then I watched him watch me - D'OH! ;-) We did a live interview a few weeks later (YouTube version) that is pretty informative and entertaining.

2007_12_07: As in years past, tons of traffic/interest from overseas. One example where I have no idea what they are saying in this Hungarian writeup ... but HEY, anything with a picture of The Fonz has gotta be cool!

2007_12_13: Joel Warner from Westword writes the Battle of the Griswolds - a hilarious read.

2007_12_16: Claire Martin from the DenverPost writes "Merry Clickmas" in Colorado Sunday. Some video from Glenn Asakawa's photo shoot from earlier in the week was captured on webcam 1, 2, & 3. So how often do you see a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer take a picture of a Gorilla, The Hulk (with a light saber), and Spiderman in front of Christmas lights! ;-) See pictures 1, 2, 3, and 4.

2007_12_21: Back in 2004, Jack Marshall at the "Ethics ScoreBoard" took me to task for my fun little Christmas Hoax saying it was unethical - he was also quoted in the encompassing 2005 Rocky Mountain News piece. Welllll ... after three years (and perhaps also visits from three ghosts ala Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol?!? ;-) Jack has now awarded me an Ethics Hero Award - thanks!

2007_12_28: Variety of radio interviews & mentions - was able to get MP3's from a couple including KOSI-101, SurfingTheNet, and TechTalkRadio.

2007_12_31: And here is a great Christmas Story! A radio station in Galena, Alaska raised a $1,000 for Celiac Disease Research bringing the total to over $25,000- awesome job by Station Manager Shadow Steel ... and isn't it cool how technology can bring some Christmas Cheer to the remote places of the Earth. Read the whole story (with pictures and video) about the KIYU Burrito Reindeer! ;-)

Resources for Media Folks

The Christmas FAQ should answer most questions for 'ya. Lotsa lights on the christmas pictures page and they are even wind-powered and Carbon Neutral - Al Gore would be proud! Finally, I'm trying to raise money for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research which is doing leading edge research into the causes and possible cures for Celiac. See their webcam page and/or give Pam King (pking@peds.umaryland.edu) a holler at 410-706-8021 for more info.