Alek's 2004 Christmas Lights & Decorations

The Wall Street Journal reports "High-Tech Holiday Light Display Draws Everyone But the Skeptics" that describes how I approached them to finally "come out" about my christmas lights webcam. I have a detailed explanation of the christmas hoax and also some comments on the media coverage with some misc. corrections - needless to say, the press was not happy about the hoax and they hammered me a bit - even so, the public's response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'd encourage you to read my side of the story and then form your own opinion. And for those with a sense of humor, check out the funny christmas lights videos which includes Alek doing a live airborne shot for the 6:00 News from 1,000 feet straight up.

Here is the infamous Christmas Webcam ... which I did for real (really!) from 2005 on ... ;-)

Christmas 2004 is OVER - some quick links to more Christmas Lights info:
    Previous years - Christmas 2003 (3,500 lights),   Christmas 2002 (22,000 lights),   Christmas 2001 (16,000 lights), and Christmas 2000 (12,000 lights)
    See pictures from all the years on one page
    What was new for christmas 2004
    The Xmas & Christmas lights & webcam FAQ - explains how various things work - please read this before asking questions
    Some cool christmas pictures
    Some free Christmas music - hear the lights (really!) and some funny jingles
    Some Christmas videos - includes Alek up in the Channel-7 Copter! ;-)
    Also have a facinating inbound traffic analysis ongoing
    Email Santa archive - selected messages to Santa and his response - very heart-warming ... and some funny ones in there!
    What will be new/planned for Christmas 2005 - Email me any ideas/suggestions.

BTW, for 2005, I'm going to do the webcam for real - think anyone will believe it?!? ;-)
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Christmas 2004 Decorations - Ornament - 17,000 lights

christmas lights

Christmas Lights ... at Sunrise! ;-)

christmas sunrise

Christmas 2004 Updates

2004_09_01: Warming up with my halloween decorations - check that out!
While you are waiting for Christmas, consider using your PC's idle CPU cycle to help Stanford's medical research - click here for details

2004_10_01: The halloween decorations are up and the halloween webcam is quite the hoot! ;-)

2004_11_03: Halloween is OVER and was outa control as there were over a million hits from almost 150,000 people (unique IP's) - I'm a little worried what my Christmas pictures are going to bring ...

2004_11_17: I turned on the environmental sensors of the christmas webcam so check out the Colorado Weather and come back around December 1st for the outdoor christmas lights.

Thanksgiving: My folks flow into town (and brother Myke surprised 'em) today. Fed 'em a buncha turkey and fixings ... and after a walk, they all decided football and naps were "better" than putting up Christmas Lights or christmas trees ... so hopefully I can put 'em all to work tomorrow - looks like the weather will stay decent for a few more days. Here's a picture of the christmas helpers ... and SOME of the lights! ;-)

2004_11_28: With a weather forecast of cold blowing snow coming in Saturday afternoon, we worked pretty hard and the lights and christmas decorations are up - even the christmas pink flamingo's! I've "warned" my neighbors that the Christmas Webcam "light show" is about to start up ... and I'll shoot some more pictures in the next week or so when the ornament in the front lawn is more visible - the picture above doesn't do it justice.

2004_12_04: Holy Christmas Lights Overload Batman - A buncha sites/folks have "noticed" the lights, including Kim Komando who mentioned my site to her (gulp!) 3.5 million fans Saturday morning - it has been once heck of a "light show" in the evenings! ;-)

2004_12_12: Holy Christmas Lights Super Overload Batman - the Slashdot gang came by tonight!

2004_12_14: Holy Christmas Lights Super-Duper Overload Batman - a story went out on the National AP Wire about my lights/webcam!!!

2004_12_17: Despite all the hoopala over the Christmas Lights, I pulled of a surprise birthday party for my lovely wife Wendy - here were our engagement pictures.

2004_12_27: The lights are real, but the webcam/webcontrol was a fun little christmas hoax that (except for a few bruised media ego's in the media) almost everything thought was pretty funny - Ho, Ho, Ho! ;-)

2005_04_01: Tons of Email from folks saying that for christmas 2005, I should really let Internet surfers turn my outdoor christmas lights on and off. I'm sure there would be some doubters, but here is how I would do it for real.

2005_08_23: Warming up for the holidays with the Colorado stamped concrete cam ... yep, it's "real" this time - check out the time-lapse video of 20 tons of concrete being poured! ;-)

2005_10_01: More warming up with my Halloween decorations and halloween webcam ... but is it a Trick or a Treat?!? ;-)

Christmas Flamingo's enjoy the Colorado Snow

christmas lights flamingos