2009 News/Media stuff about Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease

It been entertaining over the years to read the various media reports about my Christmas lights webcam. I certainly had my 15 minutes of fame for Christmas 2004 where there was international publicity about my lights. I'd be happy to get 15 seconds in subsequent years to benefit the Celiac Disease fund-rasing effort - over $40,000 has been raised. While the online linkage are wayyyy too numerous to list, here's a couple mentions that I thought were kinda interesting/humorous.

2009_10_29: The Halloween Webcam is featured in the Today's Show Countdown to Halloween

2009_11_19: BBspot lists the 5 Projects Every Geek Must Complete Before They Die which includes "Internet Controlled Something" ... like my Christmas Lights and Decorations - D'OH! ;-)

2009_11_25: ThisOldHouse has my "Lights for a Cause" listed as one of their Craziest Holiday House Decorations.

2009_12_06: The Denver Post writes about Coloradans dazzling light displays

2009_12_11: The Boulder Daily Camera has a lengthy piece with some nice pics. I can't find online, but images below.

2009_12_18: New York Times has a two pictures (here and here) in their Let it Glow! Let it Glow! Let it Glow! piece.

Resources for Media Folks

The Christmas FAQ should answer most questions for 'ya. Lotsa lights on the christmas pictures page and they are even wind-powered and Carbon Neutral - Al Gore would be proud! Finally, I'm trying to raise money for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research which is doing leading edge research into the causes and possible cures for Celiac. See their webcam page and/or give Pam King (pking@peds.umaryland.edu) a holler at 410-706-8021 for more info.

Pictures from 12/11/2009 Boulder Daily Camera

christmas bdc 1

christmas bdc 2

christmas bdc 3