391 christmas text messages on 2009/1219

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,000 times that day including 3,511 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1219

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_19_16:39:55.187   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer/Grinch/Santa inflatables need some adjustment on roof ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_16:44:51.921   212.139.100.xxx   He should of used ustream
2009_12_19_16:45:51.210   082.042.109.xxx   alek merry christmas from the uk.
2009_12_19_16:46:45.538   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_19_16:47:43.856   075.032.144.xxx   Don't forget to DONATE!  drsPIX / Calif
2009_12_19_16:48:39.001   076.099.165.xxx   Hello Mikayla!
2009_12_19_16:50:41.329   076.099.165.xxx   Hello from Bear Delaware
2009_12_19_16:50:57.716   086.148.015.xxx   Hello Ian & Sal
2009_12_19_16:51:16.190   075.032.144.xxx   Adira greetins from Willow Glen
2009_12_19_16:51:17.608   069.026.020.xxx   Greetings from Fort Yates,. ND
2009_12_19_16:51:36.441   076.099.165.xxx   Go TEAM JACOB!!
2009_12_19_16:51:51.438   086.148.015.xxx   Hi from Rerun
2009_12_19_16:54:42.776   212.139.100.xxx   No ofence but this is boring
2009_12_19_16:57:53.953   024.210.062.xxx   hi
2009_12_19_16:58:08.166   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welllll ... say something interesting then Mr. Boring! ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_16:59:19.037   024.210.062.xxx   sup
2009_12_19_17:01:30.679   082.014.004.xxx   5 days to go!!!
2009_12_19_17:04:34.303   067.240.039.xxx   hi
2009_12_19_17:08:45.288   024.222.215.xxx   Visit Nova Scotia
2009_12_19_17:08:54.564   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time to put some steaks on the grill - what are people having for dinner? ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_17:09:32.518   024.222.215.xxx   We're having christmas lobster....they're red after all
2009_12_19_17:09:40.762   071.086.196.xxx   nick rules
2009_12_19_17:10:14.654   071.086.196.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_19_17:11:57.888   065.078.144.xxx   hey, Happy Holidays
2009_12_19_17:12:30.607   065.078.144.xxx   Happy Christmas Stu and Sue
2009_12_19_17:14:02.474   075.189.235.xxx   Feliz Navidad, Concha!
2009_12_19_17:14:09.455   067.240.039.xxx   hi
2009_12_19_17:14:33.321   067.240.039.xxx   are you real
2009_12_19_17:15:04.461   067.240.039.xxx   turn everthing on
2009_12_19_17:16:02.446   096.241.146.xxx   ahola
2009_12_19_17:16:11.646   071.086.196.xxx   hi all of you!!!
2009_12_19_17:16:55.726   067.240.039.xxx   nothing!
2009_12_19_17:17:27.436   067.240.039.xxx   you
2009_12_19_17:18:16.596   067.240.039.xxx   what
2009_12_19_17:19:06.083   075.189.235.xxx   Happy Christmas from Wake Forest North Carolina
2009_12_19_17:19:20.993   071.113.021.xxx   merry Christmas!
2009_12_19_17:19:53.321   071.113.021.xxx   Merry Christmas akota
2009_12_19_17:20:16.260   099.190.057.xxx   Merry Christmas from Houston, TX
2009_12_19_17:28:00.213   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Steaks are ready! ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_17:28:42.949   082.023.119.xxx   merry christmas craig :D tonight was good ___:o) love you too :___ xxxx
2009_12_19_17:29:28.641   071.086.196.xxx   this is fun
2009_12_19_17:30:20.638   082.023.119.xxx   CRAIG IS AWESOME (L)
2009_12_19_17:34:43.694   082.023.119.xxx   some right p***s on this ?
2009_12_19_17:39:49.396   071.086.196.xxx   wi
2009_12_19_17:45:00.225   072.173.026.xxx   Jingle around the clock. I never sleep!
2009_12_19_17:45:58.825   067.142.165.xxx   Hi from Goldvein, Va. It is snowing here.
2009_12_19_17:46:14.410   069.088.041.xxx   cool web site
2009_12_19_17:46:43.496   067.142.165.xxx   We have 2 feet of snow!!! Yippie!
2009_12_19_17:47:05.893   072.173.026.xxx   We have 1 foot. :(
2009_12_19_17:47:25.519   069.088.041.xxx   Its close to 2 feet in Hagerstown Md
2009_12_19_17:47:55.094   072.173.026.xxx   Mostly just OOLD in Newport VT
2009_12_19_17:48:01.041   068.097.202.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_19_17:48:27.805   067.142.165.xxx   Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year
2009_12_19_17:48:31.444   068.097.202.xxx   OKC, OK
2009_12_19_17:48:45.651   094.006.202.xxx   hey guys
2009_12_19_17:49:09.331   072.173.026.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Enjoyable MLK Day?
2009_12_19_17:49:24.538   094.006.202.xxx   merry xmas from the uk
2009_12_19_17:51:27.186   067.142.165.xxx   Hey Alek. How are you?
2009_12_19_17:51:45.346   084.013.117.xxx   everyone, try to turn lights off.
2009_12_19_17:53:00.997   024.154.094.xxx   god bless
2009_12_19_17:53:34.237   024.154.094.xxx   god gless
2009_12_19_17:55:05.790   098.200.133.xxx   hey alex
2009_12_19_17:56:21.300   098.200.133.xxx   nice set up this year
2009_12_19_17:56:54.415   067.142.165.xxx   We like it too.
2009_12_19_17:57:16.973   071.191.028.xxx   will you wave to me??
2009_12_19_17:57:58.041   071.191.028.xxx   you are really in the Christmas cheer
2009_12_19_18:00:30.923   076.188.149.xxx   bah hum bug!
2009_12_19_18:01:23.028   076.188.149.xxx   bah hum bug!
2009_12_19_18:01:58.836   067.142.165.xxx   Qu-est que tu veut pour Noel?
2009_12_19_18:03:07.652   076.188.149.xxx   bah hum bug!
2009_12_19_18:03:13.736   068.040.235.xxx   I'm on my iPod
2009_12_19_18:03:30.938   069.251.182.xxx   MERRY XMAS KYM!
2009_12_19_18:03:41.532   076.188.149.xxx   ipod..bah humbug!
2009_12_19_18:03:55.556   067.142.165.xxx   Je veut une Qeue de Castor
2009_12_19_18:04:03.573   024.058.238.xxx   Merry X-Mas form UTICA,NY
2009_12_19_18:05:01.719   072.035.057.xxx   Merry Xmas from Springport MI!!
2009_12_19_18:05:44.633   067.142.165.xxx   Merry X-mas from Goldvein, Va
2009_12_19_18:08:16.284   069.251.182.xxx   Let it snow so Joe can't go!!
2009_12_19_18:10:03.937   069.251.182.xxx   Krampus will kill you all.
2009_12_19_18:11:46.346   072.035.057.xxx   Hi Alek! Merry Xmas! :)
2009_12_19_18:13:39.515   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Steaks were good ... making rainbow cookies for dessert - yummy! ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_18:14:47.352   072.035.057.xxx   I want EGG NOG!
2009_12_19_18:17:54.737   092.003.025.xxx   hello person! :)
2009_12_19_18:17:55.006   068.200.235.xxx   YOU WANT EGG NOG GO BUY SOME
2009_12_19_18:18:25.339   092.003.025.xxx   hello person! :)
2009_12_19_18:20:33.225   092.003.025.xxx   are you santa? :)
2009_12_19_18:21:39.676   071.086.196.xxx   no
2009_12_19_18:21:46.615   092.003.025.xxx   SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
2009_12_19_18:22:39.082   071.086.196.xxx   hi dude
2009_12_19_18:23:12.023   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Egg Nog would be good ... especially if spiced! ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_18:23:29.133   071.086.196.xxx   si the guy behind this monitor watching a television or what
2009_12_19_18:24:27.303   092.003.025.xxx   dont know, but he should wave to the camera!
2009_12_19_18:25:10.242   071.086.196.xxx   or turn and mouth merry christmas
2009_12_19_18:25:30.600   092.003.025.xxx   that's good too!
2009_12_19_18:25:46.140   068.014.015.xxx   shout out from manchester ct
2009_12_19_18:26:27.464   068.014.015.xxx   intresting how did he feed the text onto the laptop
2009_12_19_18:26:58.060   098.207.200.xxx   the internet has reached its full potential at last!
2009_12_19_18:27:03.314   071.086.196.xxx   theres probably a program! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_18:27:06.441   066.066.126.xxx   MISSY
2009_12_19_18:27:33.198   074.050.104.xxx   Hello from Granby CT.
2009_12_19_18:28:18.144   071.086.196.xxx   hii (11)
2009_12_19_18:28:45.550   074.050.104.xxx   r u from Manchester?
2009_12_19_18:28:49.884   071.086.196.xxx   hes gone! (12)
2009_12_19_18:29:03.038   066.066.126.xxx   MISSY
2009_12_19_18:30:33.715   066.066.126.xxx   oh snuggles..
2009_12_19_18:31:11.551   069.230.164.xxx   LOL HEY GUYS
2009_12_19_18:32:09.339   071.086.196.xxx   hi (13)
2009_12_19_18:32:10.177   098.247.147.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2009_12_19_18:32:28.008   066.066.126.xxx   THIS IS SICK LIKE SWINE
2009_12_19_18:32:46.724   069.230.164.xxx   LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
2009_12_19_18:33:40.382   069.230.164.xxx   ___2009 lacrossestar83
2009_12_19_18:34:09.757   092.009.187.xxx   Hello This Is England!
2009_12_19_18:34:13.464   066.066.126.xxx   MISSYYYYYYY
2009_12_19_18:34:45.178   066.066.126.xxx   Hi from rochester ny
2009_12_19_18:40:22.995   024.250.033.xxx   hi everyone!
2009_12_19_18:40:27.607   098.160.221.xxx   ITS COLD!
2009_12_19_18:40:59.398   024.250.033.xxx   hi from Rhode Island
2009_12_19_18:41:18.431   092.003.025.xxx   9786___ Hey from Ben 9786___
2009_12_19_18:41:49.256   024.250.033.xxx   hi from Rhode Island
2009_12_19_18:43:15.331   098.160.221.xxx   TURN IT ALL ON!
2009_12_19_18:43:26.451   069.230.164.xxx   k
2009_12_19_18:43:35.391   142.167.167.xxx   Hello From Connor!
2009_12_19_18:43:56.830   069.230.164.xxx   you're the man now, dog!
2009_12_19_18:44:14.205   069.115.077.xxx   hello from nj
2009_12_19_18:46:35.911   098.160.221.xxx   Now what?
2009_12_19_18:48:13.083   065.175.154.xxx   wow
2009_12_19_18:48:41.112   069.230.164.xxx   everything on...NOW!
2009_12_19_18:50:56.855   124.180.017.xxx   G'day from Australia
2009_12_19_18:51:48.105   124.180.017.xxx   G'day from Australia
2009_12_19_18:53:50.977   075.071.119.xxx   Good Evening from Golden CO
2009_12_19_18:54:22.599   098.127.082.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2009_12_19_18:54:51.191   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas From Snowy Pennsylvania!
2009_12_19_18:55:17.139   032.176.019.xxx   hello from little eric
2009_12_19_18:56:00.903   072.081.048.xxx   Is that a town or a cute kid?
2009_12_19_18:57:37.988   032.176.019.xxx   cute kid
2009_12_19_18:58:10.542   072.081.048.xxx   Hehehe! Merry Christmas Eric! :)
2009_12_19_18:58:32.798   069.243.156.xxx   cute
2009_12_19_18:59:48.606   032.176.019.xxx   yes
2009_12_19_19:04:02.935   099.238.225.xxx   Hello!
2009_12_19_19:08:09.743   068.150.181.xxx   WOO HOO
2009_12_19_19:08:22.759   098.030.206.xxx   Hello from Lima Ohio!!!
2009_12_19_19:08:42.200   068.150.181.xxx   December 19th!!! 5 days and its Christmas EVE1
2009_12_19_19:10:02.171   098.030.206.xxx   Yip** for Christmas eve!!
2009_12_19_19:18:40.562   032.176.019.xxx   hi dude im back
2009_12_19_19:19:26.411   032.176.019.xxx   dude dude
2009_12_19_19:21:45.341   032.176.019.xxx   dude dude
2009_12_19_19:26:50.701   065.096.209.xxx   Drunk but still wearing pants
2009_12_19_19:27:47.170   065.096.209.xxx   My cat's breath tastes like cat food
2009_12_19_19:29:31.188   074.184.237.xxx   Merry Christmas from Atlanta
2009_12_19_19:29:50.919   070.022.187.xxx   My dogs breath smells like your cat
2009_12_19_19:31:03.663   065.096.209.xxx   Doug is a complete tool
2009_12_19_19:31:45.902   074.184.237.xxx   Poor Doug
2009_12_19_19:32:39.920   065.096.209.xxx   No Doug, kinda sux
2009_12_19_19:33:24.116   065.096.209.xxx   WTF I hate you tom
2009_12_19_19:34:08.829   074.037.237.xxx   I love you Tom!
2009_12_19_19:34:45.062   074.184.237.xxx   I like bacon
2009_12_19_19:35:02.192   074.037.237.xxx   no you don't
2009_12_19_19:35:20.401   065.096.209.xxx   Yes u do
2009_12_19_19:35:47.104   074.037.237.xxx   lies, all lies!!!
2009_12_19_19:36:07.113   065.096.209.xxx   i think you're a liar!
2009_12_19_19:36:54.141   074.037.237.xxx   nope, there you'd be wrong
2009_12_19_19:37:46.301   065.096.209.xxx   I have never been wrong before and will not start now
2009_12_19_19:37:59.086   074.037.237.xxx   too late....
2009_12_19_19:38:49.229   065.096.209.xxx   I hate you now
2009_12_19_19:39:17.970   074.037.237.xxx   nope, you'd be wrong there too...
2009_12_19_19:40:32.372   074.184.237.xxx   Let your heart be light
2009_12_19_19:40:55.971   074.037.237.xxx   yes dear
2009_12_19_19:42:34.436   074.037.237.xxx   so what's this that I've heard about Santa being g**?
2009_12_19_19:43:40.834   074.037.237.xxx   nonsense!
2009_12_19_19:44:03.290   024.197.187.xxx   merry christmas from minnesota
2009_12_19_19:44:06.710   070.230.202.xxx   Tis better to burp & taste it than fart & waste it
2009_12_19_19:44:48.195   024.197.187.xxx   merry christmas from minnesota
2009_12_19_19:44:51.509   074.037.237.xxx   depends, if you're farting for the "benefit" of others, then it's a rather diff (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_19:45:31.357   065.096.209.xxx   who farts for the benefit of others? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_19:45:40.424   099.151.035.xxx   merry christmas alek!
2009_12_19_19:46:02.878   074.037.237.xxx   oh come now, never walked into a friends room and let one rip? (11)
2009_12_19_19:46:37.816   065.096.209.xxx   i usually do it with burps.  Reminds me of my awesome meal (11)
2009_12_19_19:49:05.826   074.037.237.xxx   I love you Sarah (12)
2009_12_19_19:49:35.824   065.096.209.xxx   Sarah, I disagree with him (12)
2009_12_19_19:50:00.015   074.037.237.xxx   why? (13)
2009_12_19_19:50:31.958   072.188.127.xxx   hi melinda
2009_12_19_19:50:50.919   074.037.237.xxx   hi Bob (14)
2009_12_19_19:51:15.020   072.188.127.xxx   hi again melinda
2009_12_19_19:55:50.823   072.047.102.xxx   frankie says HI!!!
2009_12_19_19:56:41.638   072.047.102.xxx   frankie in Fort Sill Oklahoma
2009_12_19_19:58:20.727   156.034.240.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Quispamsis, NB CANADA
2009_12_19_20:00:09.068   071.167.013.xxx   Hello from Tarrytown, New York
2009_12_19_20:00:18.491   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Canada - I was recently in Churchill seeing the Polar Bears! ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_20:01:21.754   156.034.240.xxx   No Polar Bears in NB.
2009_12_19_20:01:24.834   069.047.139.xxx   Sondra: I love you!
2009_12_19_20:02:45.831   024.000.093.xxx   ______santa???...
2009_12_19_20:03:23.747   024.000.093.xxx   it go dark
2009_12_19_20:03:51.988   156.034.240.xxx   hold me i'm scared
2009_12_19_20:04:39.427   024.000.093.xxx   nick has no p****
2009_12_19_20:04:59.106   156.034.240.xxx   Sadists cause the darkness.
2009_12_19_20:06:39.415   072.047.102.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2009_12_19_20:10:14.601   068.113.103.xxx   Merry Christmas from Birmingham, AL
2009_12_19_20:11:04.774   072.190.033.xxx   hello :)
2009_12_19_20:11:38.865   156.034.240.xxx   greetings
2009_12_19_20:11:40.737   071.232.114.xxx   Great Job...  Merry Christmas!
2009_12_19_20:12:22.523   068.113.103.xxx   Never forget the true meaning of Christmas! Jesus
2009_12_19_20:14:33.317   068.113.103.xxx   God Bless and Merry Christmas Alex!!
2009_12_19_20:15:21.696   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas back to you and everyone else on the Internet ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_20:15:42.557   068.113.103.xxx   Wave to the Camera
2009_12_19_20:15:47.314   156.034.240.xxx   oh i thought he was talking to some guy named Alex
2009_12_19_20:16:25.485   068.113.103.xxx   Wave to the Camera Alex
2009_12_19_20:16:57.074   156.034.240.xxx   who is this Alex person ? isnt your name Alek ?
2009_12_19_20:17:18.341   068.113.103.xxx   You rock and so does your setup!!
2009_12_19_20:18:04.555   068.113.103.xxx   Alex is the guy in the background
2009_12_19_20:18:28.650   156.034.240.xxx   umm no read the top of the webpage CAREFULLY
2009_12_19_20:18:55.539   068.113.103.xxx   He is the designer
2009_12_19_20:19:17.407   156.034.240.xxx   his name is ALEK not ALEX
2009_12_19_20:19:37.559   068.113.103.xxx   Yeah I know
2009_12_19_20:20:00.256   156.034.240.xxx   apparently some people do not know this (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_20:20:21.077   068.113.103.xxx   I like messing with him (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_20:20:36.891   156.034.240.xxx   oh. i c (11)
2009_12_19_20:20:50.207   069.149.122.xxx   hello
2009_12_19_20:21:22.127   068.113.103.xxx   I told him last year he was Alex Trebeck off Jeopardy (11)
2009_12_19_20:24:22.049   068.113.103.xxx   Alek I was just messing around (12)
2009_12_19_20:25:20.958   068.113.103.xxx   Know that I pray for you and your family all the time (13)
2009_12_19_20:27:31.619   068.113.103.xxx   God Bless You and Merry Christmas from Eric Morrison (14)
2009_12_19_20:28:47.859   068.113.103.xxx   that message was to Alek from Eric in Birmingham, AL (15)
2009_12_19_20:30:54.969   068.113.103.xxx   Merry Christmas to ALL (16)
2009_12_19_20:31:46.072   069.073.069.xxx   Hello from Carson & Connor in GA!
2009_12_19_20:33:59.762   068.113.103.xxx   Wave from AL to Carson & Connor (17)
2009_12_19_20:35:03.083   069.073.069.xxx   Caron & Connor waving back to AL
2009_12_19_20:36:52.443   069.073.069.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone
2009_12_19_20:37:03.160   032.176.019.xxx   hi connor
2009_12_19_20:37:11.220   069.205.172.xxx   Merry CHIRSTmas!
2009_12_19_20:40:22.238   098.200.226.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM HOUSTON!!!
2009_12_19_20:40:45.895   071.240.017.xxx   Merry Christmas from Elizabeth PA
2009_12_19_20:41:47.711   071.240.017.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_19_20:42:33.766   098.200.226.xxx   go Cowboys U Never Take a break!!!
2009_12_19_20:43:34.370   071.200.089.xxx   i love you megan
2009_12_19_20:45:51.693   068.037.065.xxx   lollolx
2009_12_19_20:49:02.880   068.037.065.xxx   p****
2009_12_19_20:49:59.730   069.138.152.xxx   Is this on?
2009_12_19_20:50:07.650   068.037.065.xxx   no
2009_12_19_20:56:14.973   071.072.039.xxx   Good eve.!!  Happy Holidays.!!    :-D
2009_12_19_20:57:19.515   068.037.065.xxx   Santa is fake! Don't believe!
2009_12_19_20:59:51.871   071.072.039.xxx   Kris Kringle is real and my friend..
2009_12_19_21:01:14.991   071.086.196.xxx   cool (14)
2009_12_19_21:01:57.687   072.219.235.xxx   hey hey hey!!!!
2009_12_19_21:02:46.695   068.040.235.xxx   Hey everyone from Michigan
2009_12_19_21:03:35.154   072.219.235.xxx   hey people from virginia!!!!!
2009_12_19_21:04:12.407   068.150.181.xxx   Jingle Bell Jingle Bell rock
2009_12_19_21:04:16.313   072.177.242.xxx   Hello from San Antonio!!!!!!
2009_12_19_21:05:39.816   072.219.235.xxx   mERRY CHRISTMAS
2009_12_19_21:06:18.475   072.219.235.xxx   whoooooa
2009_12_19_21:07:28.950   071.086.196.xxx   hi (15)
2009_12_19_21:07:45.027   072.219.235.xxx   hey wave your hand
2009_12_19_21:07:51.190   071.086.196.xxx   how are you? (16)
2009_12_19_21:08:20.686   071.086.196.xxx   turn on section 8 (17)
2009_12_19_21:08:38.569   072.219.235.xxx   whatcha doin?
2009_12_19_21:09:05.922   071.086.196.xxx   turn on one and 2 (18)
2009_12_19_21:09:27.479   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heck, turn everything on ... you only have 51 more minutes! ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_21:09:39.703   071.086.196.xxx   you! (19)
2009_12_19_21:10:09.828   072.219.235.xxx   noooooo
2009_12_19_21:10:10.657   071.086.196.xxx   hi (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:10:45.026   071.086.196.xxx   wave dude (21)
2009_12_19_21:10:50.993   068.150.181.xxx   Chip and Dale Chipmunks in the trees
2009_12_19_21:11:10.934   071.086.196.xxx   wave dude (22)
2009_12_19_21:12:09.302   071.086.196.xxx   wave (23)
2009_12_19_21:12:32.519   071.086.196.xxx   thx (24)
2009_12_19_21:12:36.815   072.152.039.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_19_21:12:50.501   067.169.024.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_19_21:14:04.573   071.086.196.xxx   i love this site (25)
2009_12_19_21:14:38.783   070.177.216.xxx   Bong Hits for Jesus.
2009_12_19_21:15:39.281   071.086.196.xxx   turn off all lights (26)
2009_12_19_21:16:04.048   208.102.062.xxx   I have returned to this site for years now.  I love it
2009_12_19_21:16:17.166   070.177.216.xxx   Happy Holidays! Merry Eggnog and Drink christmas!
2009_12_19_21:16:20.924   071.086.196.xxx   me 2 (27)
2009_12_19_21:16:40.567   208.102.062.xxx   Marry Christmas for Campbell County Police
2009_12_19_21:17:14.879   208.102.062.xxx   Merry Christmas from Campbell County Police
2009_12_19_21:18:07.608   071.086.196.xxx   hi police (28)
2009_12_19_21:18:34.165   071.086.196.xxx   hi dude (29)
2009_12_19_21:18:53.972   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Police busting me for too many Christmas Lights?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_21:19:00.734   071.086.196.xxx   wave again (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:19:25.145   071.086.196.xxx   what (31)
2009_12_19_21:19:54.642   071.086.196.xxx   realy alec (32)
2009_12_19_21:21:28.130   173.080.151.xxx   Merry Christmas from Shauncho
2009_12_19_21:21:37.742   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: HOW ARE YOU (33)
2009_12_19_21:22:27.978   071.099.098.xxx   hello from  St.Pete Fl.
2009_12_19_21:22:43.367   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (34)
2009_12_19_21:23:31.964   071.099.098.xxx   Dude I do not see the light Guru ______)))))))______
2009_12_19_21:23:39.875   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (35)
2009_12_19_21:24:40.797   071.099.098.xxx   The light Guru is not speaking ti Nick right now
2009_12_19_21:24:52.530   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (36)
2009_12_19_21:25:17.302   071.086.196.xxx   hes reading (37)
2009_12_19_21:25:47.282   072.131.049.xxx   Nice Setup Alek!
2009_12_19_21:25:54.075   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (38)
2009_12_19_21:26:38.052   076.113.045.xxx   Hi Shelby!
2009_12_19_21:26:45.753   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (39)
2009_12_19_21:27:09.024   069.149.122.xxx   Feel bad for Campbell County with cops that can't spell :P
2009_12_19_21:27:19.405   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:27:42.987   069.149.122.xxx   Alek isn't there moron
2009_12_19_21:27:55.313   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you Alek? I KNOW (41)
2009_12_19_21:27:57.934   071.099.098.xxx   Nick is a _ick
2009_12_19_21:28:23.240   071.086.196.xxx   I AM NOT (42)
2009_12_19_21:28:56.616   071.099.098.xxx   nick has a limitted vacabulary
2009_12_19_21:28:57.128   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (43)
2009_12_19_21:29:44.033   071.099.098.xxx   Nick is weak in yhe bain
2009_12_19_21:29:53.008   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (44)
2009_12_19_21:30:13.054   069.149.122.xxx   Go outside and make some friends nick
2009_12_19_21:30:29.147   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? I HAVE SOME (45)
2009_12_19_21:30:53.438   069.149.122.xxx   Then shut the f*** up
2009_12_19_21:31:07.945   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek?  I WANT TO KNOW HOW ALEK IS THEN ILL STOP (46)
2009_12_19_21:31:30.691   069.149.122.xxx   How can he answer if he isn't there retard
2009_12_19_21:31:41.742   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to all.!!
2009_12_19_21:31:43.603   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you Alek? I KNOW (47)
2009_12_19_21:31:55.524   069.149.122.xxx   111
2009_12_19_21:32:06.367   071.086.196.xxx   HI (48)
2009_12_19_21:32:32.081   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (49)
2009_12_19_21:32:51.838   071.099.098.xxx   go home nick you are worse than Booster
2009_12_19_21:32:57.948   097.081.235.xxx   Roll Tide!
2009_12_19_21:33:12.694   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:33:23.397   069.149.122.xxx   lol
2009_12_19_21:33:27.212   071.072.039.xxx   Love + Peace in 2k10., not war .!
2009_12_19_21:33:39.684   071.099.098.xxx   Alek please say hello to baby nick
2009_12_19_21:33:44.402   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (51)
2009_12_19_21:34:17.857   069.149.122.xxx   NICK: I AM A DUM DUM
2009_12_19_21:34:26.900   071.099.098.xxx   alek give baby nikky a bottle to s****
2009_12_19_21:34:39.992   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? IM NOT A BABY (52)
2009_12_19_21:34:56.331   069.149.122.xxx   NICK: GOOGOO BABY BAH BAH (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:34:57.838   071.072.039.xxx   NICK: How are you nick?
2009_12_19_21:35:11.508   071.099.098.xxx   gerber is in your lunch box (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:35:20.450   071.086.196.xxx   SHUT UP (53)
2009_12_19_21:35:28.772   069.149.122.xxx   NICK: I MADE A DOODOO IN MY PAMPAMS (11)
2009_12_19_21:35:50.065   071.086.196.xxx   Alek BLOCK THEM (54)
2009_12_19_21:36:17.242   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (55)
2009_12_19_21:36:26.126   071.072.039.xxx   NICK: How are you nick?
2009_12_19_21:36:30.291   071.099.098.xxx   wow caps Im scared little is going of the deep end (11)
2009_12_19_21:36:35.994   069.149.122.xxx   NICK: how are you batman? (12)
2009_12_19_21:36:51.042   071.086.196.xxx   SHUT UP (56)
2009_12_19_21:37:01.309   069.149.122.xxx   lol now that's rude (13)
2009_12_19_21:37:16.998   071.086.196.xxx   THEY ARE (57)
2009_12_19_21:37:33.939   069.149.122.xxx   Nick is saying bad things (14)
2009_12_19_21:37:36.804   071.099.098.xxx   ALek say hello to nick he needs some luv (12)
2009_12_19_21:37:42.129   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (58)
2009_12_19_21:37:48.116   063.231.128.xxx   Hello everyone!
2009_12_19_21:37:56.305   074.063.093.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_19_21:38:07.208   071.072.039.xxx   Greetings Alek.! Nice to see ya in the shadows..
2009_12_19_21:38:09.480   071.086.196.xxx   NICK: How are you alek? (59)
2009_12_19_21:38:16.545   069.149.122.xxx   What does CR mean, is that like CP (15)
2009_12_19_21:38:19.823   074.063.093.xxx   MY D1CK IS ANGRY
2009_12_19_21:38:44.195   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I think you mean that NICK is angry?!? ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_12_19_21:39:03.529   069.149.122.xxx   NICK: I AM ANGRY. RRRRRRRR (16)
2009_12_19_21:39:07.623   071.099.098.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (13)
2009_12_19_21:39:48.011   071.099.098.xxx   merry Xmas Alek thanks for what you do (14)
2009_12_19_21:40:09.414   063.231.128.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2009_12_19_21:40:39.135   071.099.098.xxx   got some winners on tonight (15)
2009_12_19_21:40:57.473   063.231.128.xxx   Hello from Minnesota!
2009_12_19_21:41:00.318   071.072.039.xxx   Ya I noticed that too..
2009_12_19_21:41:31.670   071.099.098.xxx   the light guru is here so be polite (16)
2009_12_19_21:41:53.199   063.231.128.xxx   Only 19 more minutes.
2009_12_19_21:43:29.401   071.099.098.xxx   I hope everything is fine at your place (17)
2009_12_19_21:44:23.822   113.060.007.xxx   Nice idea!
2009_12_19_21:44:43.247   071.099.098.xxx   I am glad to see the light guru I know its Xmas time (18)
2009_12_19_21:45:53.048   071.099.098.xxx   The guru does alot of work for his FAM and us :) (19)
2009_12_19_21:45:59.080   069.149.122.xxx   Nick: I KNOW MY ABC'S. A B D R A F R P Q (17)
2009_12_19_21:46:31.653   071.099.098.xxx   Nick is a punk (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:47:20.106   071.099.098.xxx   I bet tou wear a bib when you eat (21)
2009_12_19_21:47:55.141   071.099.098.xxx   SISSY NICKY (22)
2009_12_19_21:48:34.651   071.099.098.xxx   Nick is afraid of girls (23)
2009_12_19_21:50:03.738   024.255.135.xxx   hello from kansas
2009_12_19_21:50:27.314   071.099.098.xxx   hello from prison (24)
2009_12_19_21:50:52.263   024.255.135.xxx   yeh right
2009_12_19_21:51:07.747   074.105.090.xxx   hi from jersey
2009_12_19_21:51:25.995   024.255.135.xxx   hi jersey
2009_12_19_21:51:40.446   071.099.098.xxx   thats just like prison (NJ) (25)
2009_12_19_21:52:15.147   024.255.135.xxx   what kansas is not prison
2009_12_19_21:52:59.582   071.099.098.xxx   Kansas is cake (26)
2009_12_19_21:53:25.056   024.255.135.xxx   what do you mean cake
2009_12_19_21:53:41.846   071.099.098.xxx   ______)))))))______ (27)
2009_12_19_21:54:07.646   024.255.135.xxx   what?????
2009_12_19_21:54:31.372   071.099.098.xxx   im sorry I meant to say like jello all soft (28)
2009_12_19_21:55:08.398   024.255.135.xxx   whats all soft what u mean lady
2009_12_19_21:55:50.614   071.099.098.xxx   u wish i was a lady (29)
2009_12_19_21:56:14.165   024.255.135.xxx   kansas is huge and thick
2009_12_19_21:56:35.540   071.099.098.xxx   u mean all dried up (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:56:51.292   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings.!
2009_12_19_21:57:00.197   024.255.135.xxx   what state are u from
2009_12_19_21:57:11.935   071.099.098.xxx   bahh Kansas (31)
2009_12_19_21:57:47.388   071.099.098.xxx   Alaska (32)
2009_12_19_21:58:12.909   024.255.135.xxx   kansas says is there any ladies out there (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:58:38.462   071.099.098.xxx   yea you from Alaska (33)
2009_12_19_21:59:03.968   024.255.135.xxx   see yah (11)
2009_12_19_21:59:46.826   071.072.039.xxx   Good eve to all..  -bye (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_19_21:59:53.354   071.099.098.xxx   good night and I do apoligize for the wise cracks (34)
2009_12_19_21:59:55.096   024.255.135.xxx   merry christmas from kansas (12)

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