551 christmas text messages on 2010/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,403 times that day including 3,367 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_15_17:00:57.875   082.042.107.xxx   IAM FORST
2010_12_15_17:01:25.677   082.042.107.xxx   I MEANT FIRST
2010_12_15_17:01:32.798   122.056.005.xxx   I AM IN UR WEBSITE CONTROLLING UR LIGHTS
2010_12_15_17:03:19.596   082.042.107.xxx   please wave alek . i love your work.
2010_12_15_17:03:52.678   071.251.147.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hershey, PA!
2010_12_15_17:05:13.340   090.209.202.xxx   jl
2010_12_15_17:05:49.521   090.209.202.xxx   i love this site Merry Christmas!
2010_12_15_17:06:59.490   122.056.005.xxx   You are possibly the awesomest man on the internet
2010_12_15_17:07:42.624   071.062.154.xxx   Hi
2010_12_15_17:08:09.601   099.158.168.xxx   hey people
2010_12_15_17:08:10.100   071.062.154.xxx   How are you?
2010_12_15_17:08:34.385   099.158.168.xxx   good
2010_12_15_17:09:03.801   099.158.168.xxx   u?
2010_12_15_17:11:13.569   069.116.016.xxx   SETEC ASTRONOMY
2010_12_15_17:12:41.242   203.039.203.xxx   Hello from Australia
2010_12_15_17:12:54.667   099.165.052.xxx   text cr
2010_12_15_17:12:58.950   174.109.072.xxx   Maggie says HELLO, and HO HO HO
2010_12_15_17:13:03.688   174.109.072.xxx   Maggie says HELLO, and HO HO HO
2010_12_15_17:13:31.792   090.209.202.xxx   hello from the uk
2010_12_15_17:13:36.393   099.165.052.xxx   text cr
2010_12_15_17:13:54.389   069.149.120.xxx   :D
2010_12_15_17:13:58.521   064.151.032.xxx   Ah! Love it! Totally geeking out to your masterpiece. Thank you!
2010_12_15_17:14:06.885   099.165.052.xxx   text cr
2010_12_15_17:14:28.210   071.062.154.xxx   This is soooo cool!!!!! I didnt know I could type until this year!!!!!
2010_12_15_17:14:42.121   203.039.203.xxx   fiona - probably not
2010_12_15_17:15:39.816   082.042.107.xxx   alek your home is a christmas magical kingdom. love it
2010_12_15_17:16:55.136   099.165.052.xxx   text cr
2010_12_15_17:17:14.494   090.209.202.xxx   wave
2010_12_15_17:17:24.584   072.228.166.xxx   hi
2010_12_15_17:17:40.101   099.165.052.xxx   So cool!  Howdy from Texas!
2010_12_15_17:18:03.455   174.109.072.xxx   Allie says "Moogle Coogle"
2010_12_15_17:18:35.916   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW - appreciate all the nice compliments - thanks! ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:21:16.030   072.228.166.xxx   Cool website! :)
2010_12_15_17:21:31.153   068.150.181.xxx   Alek, you want some of our snow?  we have lots
2010_12_15_17:21:36.916   086.151.086.xxx   we have snow on its way to in the uk!
2010_12_15_17:22:25.789   068.150.181.xxx   8 inches so far.  still snowing
2010_12_15_17:23:11.989   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Snow storm moved South here - should still be a bit in the morning ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:23:34.882   068.150.181.xxx   Nice.. well Welcome to Winter! :)
2010_12_15_17:29:27.462   173.202.202.xxx   It's Collin...
2010_12_15_17:31:19.859   173.202.202.xxx   An We Still Have 13" of Snow
2010_12_15_17:32:04.389   173.202.202.xxx   It's not going anywear soon
2010_12_15_17:33:12.077   174.055.218.xxx   smile for the camera! :D
2010_12_15_17:33:47.511   068.150.181.xxx   nice spelling
2010_12_15_17:34:24.646   173.202.202.xxx   We are watching you   -Collin
2010_12_15_17:34:26.078   071.125.228.xxx   helllllllo
2010_12_15_17:35:25.899   174.109.072.xxx   How much are your electric bills during December?  WOW!
2010_12_15_17:35:26.179   071.125.228.xxx   helllllllo
2010_12_15_17:35:59.557   068.150.181.xxx   ahh the laptop has stopped again..
2010_12_15_17:36:02.115   076.029.221.xxx   The alien is out of his desk :P
2010_12_15_17:36:35.319   071.125.228.xxx   this is pretty cool
2010_12_15_17:37:04.350   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Digital Clock was one minute fast ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:37:40.371   068.150.181.xxx   hehehe
2010_12_15_17:38:19.578   174.055.218.xxx   I'd like to donate.  Do U accept paypal?
2010_12_15_17:38:55.153   076.029.221.xxx   Donate to Celiac Disease :)
2010_12_15_17:39:15.406   174.055.218.xxx   i don't have a CC or DC.  I want to donate using Paypal
2010_12_15_17:39:56.943   076.029.221.xxx   I don't know, Alek would like you to donate to Celiac Disease though
2010_12_15_17:40:23.437   174.055.218.xxx   i know.  i clicked that link.  only take CC or DC  :-(
2010_12_15_17:40:44.823   076.029.221.xxx   Alek! Help :P!
2010_12_15_17:40:51.866   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I much prefer direct donations to UofM, but there is a PayPal option here***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:41:34.520   174.055.218.xxx   can u email me this link?  LINK DELETED
2010_12_15_17:41:34.507   090.209.202.xxx   aggh got to go
2010_12_15_17:41:44.662   076.029.221.xxx   Alek, ready for a geek question?
2010_12_15_17:42:25.513   076.029.221.xxx   Do you have an IRC channel setup for this?___
2010_12_15_17:42:27.068   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** If the question is not answered in the FAQ and reasonably short/simple ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:43:31.011   076.029.221.xxx   Do you have an IRC channel setup for this?
2010_12_15_17:43:58.623   076.029.221.xxx   Or is it possible...
2010_12_15_17:44:16.766   184.096.251.xxx   nope
2010_12_15_17:44:46.552   174.055.218.xxx   to bad we can't donate for Alek to get better service for smooter cams :D
2010_12_15_17:45:19.406   184.096.251.xxx   need higher bandwidth
2010_12_15_17:45:30.935   076.029.221.xxx   It's on his wish-list :D
2010_12_15_17:45:36.428   174.055.218.xxx   indeed he does.  are you on DSL Alek?
2010_12_15_17:46:01.062   071.007.084.xxx   This is amazing. Thank you for all you do.
2010_12_15_17:46:29.121   174.055.218.xxx   i was ere last year for like 20 minutes killin poor Elmo!
2010_12_15_17:46:57.021   174.055.218.xxx   is this stuff left up YEAR long?
2010_12_15_17:47:13.339   076.029.221.xxx   Read FAQ :) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_17:48:33.904   082.042.107.xxx   alek webcam 2 is frozen here
2010_12_15_17:48:47.274   174.055.218.xxx   ok, just found it.  Jewish wife ... and she is a good sport?  thats cool (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_17:49:18.187   174.055.218.xxx   working now in PA #2 (11)
2010_12_15_17:49:36.465   173.202.202.xxx   HULK SAYS: ME HUNGRY
2010_12_15_17:50:44.980   174.055.218.xxx   i thougt there was a way to trick Hulk to deflate   ___-) (12)
2010_12_15_17:50:51.431   173.202.202.xxx   Alek You should get a scrolling ticker bar
2010_12_15_17:51:27.094   174.055.218.xxx   Alek, if you need some help to make your site look nicer, i will offer my servi (13)
2010_12_15_17:51:55.588   174.055.218.xxx   my services for free (good cause) (14)
2010_12_15_17:52:04.827   068.150.181.xxx   we need to donate a new HD laptop :)
2010_12_15_17:52:31.263   173.202.202.xxx   HD XD
2010_12_15_17:52:56.844   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** D-Link webcams are 5+ years old - how 'bout a top-of-the-line AXIS webcam?!? ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:53:25.275   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would rather you donate to Celiac than buy me a new laptop ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:53:32.386   174.109.072.xxx   Donate the cams, and I'm sure Alek will use them next year!
2010_12_15_17:53:37.512   068.150.181.xxx   we can accomodate
2010_12_15_17:53:45.486   174.055.218.xxx   I am going to donate 10___ in a little bit (15)
2010_12_15_17:54:11.637   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time for dinner - thanks in advance for donating to Celiac Disease ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_17:54:15.019   068.150.181.xxx   i'll buy a lotto ticket. and donate ___1 million if/when I win
2010_12_15_17:54:30.734   174.055.218.xxx   Man, I would really like to make the interface of this page BETTER (16)
2010_12_15_17:54:42.408   108.015.059.xxx   test
2010_12_15_17:54:58.086   068.150.181.xxx   make your own version and do all this (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_17:55:04.459   174.055.218.xxx   look better for free.  the page is a little dull :( (17)
2010_12_15_17:55:38.802   174.055.218.xxx   wife would kill me for the _________ of all the lights & elec bill (18)
2010_12_15_17:55:45.829   068.150.181.xxx   I think it's ok.  maybe some color changes (11)
2010_12_15_17:56:25.559   174.055.218.xxx   i wonder if he'd accept a free DOT COM address? (19)
2010_12_15_17:56:58.408   068.150.181.xxx   what's wrong with this one? (12)
2010_12_15_17:57:18.511   174.055.218.xxx   harder 2 remember.  LINK DELETED or something :D (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_17:57:19.515   075.084.044.xxx   whats up!
2010_12_15_17:57:58.648   174.055.218.xxx   www . alekscrazylights . com :D (21)
2010_12_15_17:59:23.532   002.097.190.xxx   is fed up with the snow in england and we have more on the way
2010_12_15_18:01:31.530   071.007.084.xxx   Merry Christmas to the world
2010_12_15_18:03:36.620   002.097.190.xxx   merry christmas to u thats if i survive the snow in england
2010_12_15_18:03:38.163   098.118.067.xxx   hi everybody
2010_12_15_18:03:39.241   174.055.218.xxx   hahaha (22)
2010_12_15_18:04:43.066   070.178.127.xxx   Merry Christmas from Gravette Arkansas
2010_12_15_18:05:18.778   174.055.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from York, PA, USA !!! (23)
2010_12_15_18:05:21.289   071.062.154.xxx   HI I am bob how are you?
2010_12_15_18:05:34.250   024.113.216.xxx   Howdy
2010_12_15_18:05:50.660   070.178.127.xxx   Great bob
2010_12_15_18:06:18.872   024.113.216.xxx   White Wolf Was Here!
2010_12_15_18:06:47.047   098.118.067.xxx   imagine what people driving down the street are thinking
2010_12_15_18:06:59.583   002.097.190.xxx   snow snow go away go and annoy someone else
2010_12_15_18:08:00.202   070.178.127.xxx   I think Alek is Santa Clause
2010_12_15_18:08:04.842   098.118.067.xxx   9786___
2010_12_15_18:08:15.202   174.055.218.xxx   Snow, snow, go away___ bother me NO other day ___) (24)
2010_12_15_18:08:23.682   072.149.169.xxx   YO YO YO TO DA WORLD
2010_12_15_18:09:17.545   072.149.169.xxx   DJtheDJ is takin over dis stuffizle
2010_12_15_18:11:47.896   119.030.000.xxx   Nihao
2010_12_15_18:12:26.442   072.149.169.xxx   Nihao!
2010_12_15_18:13:03.944   072.149.169.xxx   YAY BLACKOUT
2010_12_15_18:15:16.210   071.062.154.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_15_18:16:35.354   071.062.154.xxx   How are you?
2010_12_15_18:16:46.734   072.149.169.xxx   I am fine, how are you, good friend
2010_12_15_18:17:11.052   071.062.154.xxx   Im good. How has your holidays been?
2010_12_15_18:17:50.652   072.149.169.xxx   So far.. decent, college, enjoying snow and frozen weather
2010_12_15_18:18:31.356   071.062.154.xxx   I hate cold weather. =/
2010_12_15_18:19:07.000   068.150.181.xxx   I love it, only when it doesn't interfere with me (13)
2010_12_15_18:19:33.779   072.149.169.xxx   I said brrrr, it's cold in here
2010_12_15_18:19:41.316   071.062.154.xxx   I men its okay, but it gets anoying when you have to go out side to get Chritma
2010_12_15_18:19:45.508   067.049.046.xxx   Hello from UCLA
2010_12_15_18:20:13.109   071.062.154.xxx   Hello from UVA (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:20:38.029   072.149.169.xxx   Ultra Violet Angels?
2010_12_15_18:20:34.330   067.049.046.xxx   We have both coasts represented
2010_12_15_18:20:46.733   067.049.046.xxx   We have both coasts represented
2010_12_15_18:21:21.211   072.149.169.xxx   East Tennessee is here, so the smokies too
2010_12_15_18:21:28.682   071.062.154.xxx   university of virginia (11)
2010_12_15_18:21:38.319   067.049.046.xxx   University of Virgina, actually
2010_12_15_18:22:07.918   066.207.075.xxx   heyyy
2010_12_15_18:22:01.272   067.049.046.xxx   ohh, they beat me to it
2010_12_15_18:21:59.464   067.049.046.xxx   ohh, they beat me to it
2010_12_15_18:22:35.014   071.062.154.xxx   Kaitlyn? (12)
2010_12_15_18:22:40.783   067.049.046.xxx   It's been in the 80's all week here in LA
2010_12_15_18:22:53.678   066.207.075.xxx   beat you to what???
2010_12_15_18:22:54.087   072.149.169.xxx   30's here in East TN (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:23:11.299   067.049.046.xxx   ouch!
2010_12_15_18:23:14.548   071.062.154.xxx   its 24 right now in VA (13)
2010_12_15_18:23:30.940   066.207.075.xxx   Adrienne!
2010_12_15_18:23:39.649   067.049.046.xxx   We dont really get winter in LA
2010_12_15_18:23:40.265   071.062.154.xxx   Kaitlyn! (14)
2010_12_15_18:24:07.526   071.062.154.xxx   Kaitlyn!!! (15)
2010_12_15_18:24:25.894   067.049.046.xxx   No winter in LA (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:24:29.737   072.149.169.xxx   Romeo! Romeo! Where for art thou Romeo? (11)
2010_12_15_18:24:50.328   071.062.154.xxx   Juiliette! (16)
2010_12_15_18:24:51.000   066.207.075.xxx   OMG!
2010_12_15_18:24:55.569   184.046.015.xxx   hello all how are you
2010_12_15_18:25:17.624   072.149.169.xxx   Oh Myyyy Gosh, I did it again but imma let tha beat rock (12)
2010_12_15_18:25:22.331   071.062.154.xxx   Im great how are you??? (17)
2010_12_15_18:25:28.619   184.046.015.xxx   i like CEREAL!
2010_12_15_18:25:40.400   067.049.046.xxx   i like midgets! (11)
2010_12_15_18:25:59.804   184.046.015.xxx   Cereal eating midgets rock!
2010_12_15_18:26:18.295   071.062.154.xxx   kaitlyn are you there? (18)
2010_12_15_18:26:27.761   067.049.046.xxx   not as much as watching midgets play football. Id pay to see that (12)
2010_12_15_18:26:32.822   184.046.015.xxx   I like cereal and Kaitlyn
2010_12_15_18:26:55.429   071.062.154.xxx   wow (19)
2010_12_15_18:27:12.884   072.149.169.xxx   no, i don't play wow, thank you (13)
2010_12_15_18:27:24.545   184.046.015.xxx   Kaitlyn is hot!
2010_12_15_18:27:28.481   071.062.154.xxx   Back off my wife Kaitlyn k thanks (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:27:45.345   072.149.169.xxx   put a lnk up to see this hot kaitlyn (14)
2010_12_15_18:28:07.149   184.046.015.xxx   i like cereal
2010_12_15_18:28:14.246   071.062.154.xxx   Ummmm NO!!!!!! (21)
2010_12_15_18:29:03.439   184.046.015.xxx   I love Lucky Charms.  They're magically delicious!
2010_12_15_18:29:19.931   067.049.046.xxx   Theyre full of sugar and unhealthy (13)
2010_12_15_18:29:59.819   184.046.015.xxx   Frosted Flakes......they're  G R E A T !
2010_12_15_18:30:02.267   071.062.154.xxx   I like salads (22)
2010_12_15_18:30:33.765   184.046.015.xxx   Sugar....it's what's for dinner!
2010_12_15_18:30:51.742   071.062.154.xxx   I had a salas for dinner (23)
2010_12_15_18:30:54.694   072.149.169.xxx   just a bag full of sugar keeps my nice and awake (15)
2010_12_15_18:31:24.340   184.046.015.xxx   sugar.....it's W O N D E R F U L! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:31:28.989   071.062.154.xxx   But salad make you healthy. and keeps you focused (24)
2010_12_15_18:32:22.047   184.046.015.xxx   It's time for COCOA PUFFS!  I'm coo coo for COCOA PUFFS! (11)
2010_12_15_18:32:25.447   067.049.046.xxx   so does a caffeine IV (14)
2010_12_15_18:32:33.741   024.187.120.xxx   Celiacs for the win!
2010_12_15_18:32:44.684   072.149.169.xxx   Would you mind holding a couple of Bawls for me? (16)
2010_12_15_18:32:52.764   156.034.192.xxx   Oh snap
2010_12_15_18:32:59.348   184.046.015.xxx   FROOT LOOPS make my day! (12)
2010_12_15_18:33:18.491   067.049.046.xxx   Spell check would make your day (15)
2010_12_15_18:33:32.630   156.034.192.xxx   Net cop
2010_12_15_18:33:38.709   071.062.154.xxx   Fail (25)
2010_12_15_18:33:42.043   024.187.120.xxx   Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!
2010_12_15_18:33:52.419   184.046.015.xxx   Cinnaminy toasted APPLE JACKS! (13)
2010_12_15_18:33:56.880   071.251.147.xxx   Merry Christmas Amanda!
2010_12_15_18:34:00.207   067.049.046.xxx   Merry Kwanzaa (16)
2010_12_15_18:34:17.233   024.187.120.xxx   HAPPY Kwanza
2010_12_15_18:34:19.193   156.034.192.xxx   Frosty is THE snowman
2010_12_15_18:34:19.954   072.149.169.xxx   Happy Chrismahanakwanza (17)
2010_12_15_18:34:45.699   024.187.120.xxx   Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2010_12_15_18:34:49.017   071.062.154.xxx   Happy new year (26)
2010_12_15_18:34:56.401   142.177.085.xxx   Happy Christmas!
2010_12_15_18:34:58.544   184.046.015.xxx   Silly rabbit, TRIX are for kids! (14)
2010_12_15_18:35:23.092   024.187.120.xxx   Making Tracks for Celiacs!
2010_12_15_18:35:59.979   184.046.015.xxx   CHERIOS are fantastic!  I (15)
2010_12_15_18:36:25.544   024.187.120.xxx   Gorilla Munchies are the BEST for Celiacs
2010_12_15_18:36:41.218   184.046.015.xxx   Seth thinks he is awesome, especially when he is eating CEREAL! (16)
2010_12_15_18:36:52.838   024.187.120.xxx   yum yum
2010_12_15_18:37:16.745   184.046.015.xxx   I like cereal. (17)
2010_12_15_18:37:36.793   024.187.120.xxx   breakfast: the most important meal of the day
2010_12_15_18:38:16.639   075.075.127.xxx   Lava Lamps, awesome.
2010_12_15_18:38:17.326   184.046.015.xxx   I like pop tarts!  with GRITS! (18)
2010_12_15_18:38:30.579   024.187.120.xxx   lava lamp for the win
2010_12_15_18:38:55.732   184.046.015.xxx   i like bacon! (19)
2010_12_15_18:39:07.209   024.187.120.xxx   baconnnnn (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:39:23.423   184.046.015.xxx   Bacon, its what (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:39:28.902   156.034.192.xxx   Cheddar curly fries
2010_12_15_18:39:46.865   024.187.120.xxx   bacon, its whatsfor dinner. (11)
2010_12_15_18:39:53.996   075.075.127.xxx   Bacon wrapped bacon fried bacon
2010_12_15_18:39:54.019   072.149.169.xxx   I'm thinking Arby's... curly fries (18)
2010_12_15_18:40:08.236   184.046.015.xxx   bacon, its what___s for breakfast....with shrimp and liver and onions (21)
2010_12_15_18:40:08.474   156.034.192.xxx   2 high in sodium
2010_12_15_18:40:21.900   024.187.120.xxx   yumyum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum sodium (12)
2010_12_15_18:40:46.410   072.149.169.xxx   I need another story, somethin to get off my chest (19)
2010_12_15_18:40:55.863   024.187.120.xxx   this is too cool! (13)
2010_12_15_18:41:23.867   184.046.015.xxx   rock on, julius! (22)
2010_12_15_18:41:30.264   024.187.120.xxx   shoutout to the celiacs! (14)
2010_12_15_18:41:50.835   184.046.015.xxx   I Am s** Y!! (23)
2010_12_15_18:42:12.248   072.149.169.xxx   yay, asterisks (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:42:21.835   024.187.120.xxx   whaaaa (15)
2010_12_15_18:42:27.628   075.075.127.xxx   If you can read this your internet connection works
2010_12_15_18:42:46.483   024.187.120.xxx   o goody (16)
2010_12_15_18:42:49.653   072.149.169.xxx   WHOA, a person!!!!!!!!!!!! (21)
2010_12_15_18:43:08.527   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I read what was on the Laptop - am I a real person? ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_18:43:14.732   024.187.120.xxx   aaaaaaah people!! (17)
2010_12_15_18:43:15.367   072.149.169.xxx   Hey, dude, what's up? (22)
2010_12_15_18:44:01.132   075.075.127.xxx   Lava Lamps off? Nooooooooo!
2010_12_15_18:43:58.951   174.109.058.xxx   holla!
2010_12_15_18:44:28.791   075.075.127.xxx   Oh, good, back on
2010_12_15_18:44:30.819   072.149.169.xxx   Como estas, (23)
2010_12_15_18:44:58.093   075.075.127.xxx   _________
2010_12_15_18:45:17.705   072.149.169.xxx   This screen has flatlined ____________________________________ (24)
2010_12_15_18:45:24.733   075.075.127.xxx   _________
2010_12_15_18:46:09.306   072.149.169.xxx   Lata man, unless you come back (25)
2010_12_15_18:47:02.828   075.075.127.xxx   I just realized the gift opens up
2010_12_15_18:48:08.639   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO on the gift/present ... gotta go do dishes ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_18:49:22.394   174.003.099.xxx   I wish I could see my lights.
2010_12_15_18:50:05.017   075.075.127.xxx   Messages at the sp**d of light
2010_12_15_18:50:37.584   075.075.127.xxx   The word sp**d is censored? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_18:51:07.906   075.075.127.xxx   Ah, got it. The word in the middle (11)
2010_12_15_18:51:13.524   076.105.098.xxx   Hi!
2010_12_15_18:51:45.426   075.075.127.xxx   ___- Gifts (12)
2010_12_15_18:52:33.609   075.075.127.xxx   Christmas Lights has performed an illegal operation. Please reboot. (13)
2010_12_15_18:54:24.312   075.075.127.xxx   The time is now 6:55 PM MDT (14)
2010_12_15_18:55:50.974   069.157.073.xxx   hi
2010_12_15_18:56:15.871   069.157.073.xxx   hello
2010_12_15_18:56:38.797   156.034.192.xxx   Jesus=reason=season
2010_12_15_18:58:20.238   075.075.127.xxx   Go hang a salami! I'm a lasagna hog! Read it backwards (15)
2010_12_15_18:58:28.550   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are pretty funny 075.075.127 - HULK approves of your humor! ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_18:58:43.711   069.157.073.xxx   hiya :)
2010_12_15_18:58:49.796   075.075.127.xxx   I thank you (16)
2010_12_15_18:59:58.999   075.073.088.xxx   hello
2010_12_15_19:00:18.015   072.045.006.xxx   love this@
2010_12_15_19:00:55.528   069.157.073.xxx   Awesome =) Merry Christmas
2010_12_15_19:01:48.160   075.075.127.xxx   No place like (17)
2010_12_15_19:02:52.162   075.075.127.xxx   That's, uh, "home", for the non-techies (18)
2010_12_15_19:05:42.327   075.075.127.xxx   Greetings from the East coast*** freezing here, and supposed to snow too (19)
2010_12_15_19:06:33.895   075.075.127.xxx   Aww, message was clean (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_19:06:39.554   069.157.073.xxx   Freezing here in Ontario too, and supposed to get even more snow.
2010_12_15_19:06:54.627   081.141.022.xxx   Hello From North wales
2010_12_15_19:07:02.931   075.075.127.xxx   Aww, message was clean (21)
2010_12_15_19:07:48.131   156.034.192.xxx   Had 2 beat ice off the inflatables here
2010_12_15_19:07:56.198   122.056.005.xxx   Lucky, we dont even get snow here. Greetings from the south pacific, where it i
2010_12_15_19:09:43.275   122.056.005.xxx   It is raining here
2010_12_15_19:12:00.339   122.056.005.xxx   Looking at the ips today I am closest to
2010_12_15_19:12:18.614   024.107.106.xxx   MERRY XMAS FROM JAMIE EYRICH
2010_12_15_19:13:22.734   075.075.127.xxx is the IP of the local system, i.e. your computer (22)
2010_12_15_19:14:02.246   122.056.005.xxx   I know that, but my IP is closest to that.
2010_12_15_19:14:27.764   067.176.044.xxx   Thanks for showing Art and Davis your stuff
2010_12_15_19:15:38.487   024.107.106.xxx   MERRY XMAS FROM FACEBOOK JAMIE EYRICH - THIS SITE RULES
2010_12_15_19:19:14.043   067.176.044.xxx   Go Santa - from Elyse and Davis!
2010_12_15_19:21:27.870   068.150.181.xxx   I want a Fun Christmas with 500 people viewing (14)
2010_12_15_19:22:09.845   067.176.044.xxx   ttuuujkgkkymthrhrh
2010_12_15_19:25:31.621   067.176.044.xxx   TVFHGYUMKioldddddwwwwvhgtnhjtb
2010_12_15_19:25:48.580   068.150.181.xxx   ok! everyone!  the Twelve Days of Christmas!!!! (15)
2010_12_15_19:26:13.976   067.176.044.xxx   Wow - kids are playing on the keyboard!
2010_12_15_19:26:22.441   068.150.181.xxx   on the first Day of Christmas.. my (16)
2010_12_15_19:26:51.463   068.150.181.xxx   True love gave to me...... (17)
2010_12_15_19:31:45.952   076.097.077.xxx   Hey A man
2010_12_15_19:32:23.386   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for stopping by Davis - fun having you control the lights! ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_19:35:15.093   002.097.190.xxx   fed up with the sow i england
2010_12_15_19:35:16.322   071.234.008.xxx   Great job on the lights this year. The new additions are awesome. Happy Holiday
2010_12_15_19:35:23.977   024.012.191.xxx   Merry Christmas from Galen and Biz!
2010_12_15_19:35:54.772   002.097.190.xxx   want our snow alex
2010_12_15_19:37:29.768   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Weather dudes now say only light snow tonight ... so check back tomorrow ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_19:37:58.722   207.109.002.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2010_12_15_19:38:17.859   002.097.190.xxx   we were snowed i last week for 3 days
2010_12_15_19:38:37.545   207.109.002.xxx   Your display is as beautiful as always!
2010_12_15_19:38:42.167   024.012.191.xxx   We got 16 Inches of snow this weekend!
2010_12_15_19:39:01.324   002.097.190.xxx   in scotland and more
2010_12_15_19:39:15.127   207.109.002.xxx   We will be getting more snow here in MN tonight.
2010_12_15_19:39:59.608   024.012.191.xxx   Hope the football stadium doesn't collapse again!!! :-)
2010_12_15_19:40:57.229   208.072.012.xxx   I love This!
2010_12_15_19:41:23.603   067.176.057.xxx   Hello Santa!  Davis had a great time visiting today.
2010_12_15_19:41:44.498   122.056.005.xxx   Didnt notice the santa climbing the ladder, thought twas just a random ladder
2010_12_15_19:42:34.095   122.056.005.xxx   The grim reaper in the corner scares me.
2010_12_15_19:43:08.613   076.097.077.xxx   oh good... I thought he was looking at me
2010_12_15_19:44:52.037   068.097.193.xxx   Merry Christmas from Norway!
2010_12_15_19:46:14.210   076.097.077.xxx   hey b***oo!
2010_12_15_19:46:28.085   122.056.005.xxx   Now I get it, It is a backwards clock.
2010_12_15_19:46:52.093   076.097.077.xxx   Hey B2!
2010_12_15_19:47:46.426   070.240.089.xxx   Hello :D
2010_12_15_19:54:57.816   076.097.077.xxx   she went to hug me and she spilled her purse, and we laughed until we cried
2010_12_15_19:55:41.331   076.097.077.xxx   (great song)
2010_12_15_19:55:59.614   098.086.027.xxx   Merry Christmas Cody
2010_12_15_19:56:20.666   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for stopping by earlier Davis and ShogunDoDo ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_19:56:52.696   098.086.027.xxx   hello from knoxville tennessee!
2010_12_15_19:57:01.453   067.160.097.xxx   Hey! Do your neighbors get annoyed at this?
2010_12_15_19:57:37.654   069.149.120.xxx   Neighbors think it's a hoot.
2010_12_15_19:57:46.400   068.150.181.xxx   Alek, you should have a top 10 questions list (18)
2010_12_15_19:57:52.599   098.252.139.xxx   you are  mr wonderful
2010_12_15_19:58:18.336   076.097.077.xxx   Hey Conyers Boo!
2010_12_15_19:58:26.520   069.137.078.xxx   Show Me ur ( . ) ( . )
2010_12_15_19:58:29.504   068.150.181.xxx   top 10 questions Alek gets asked most! (19)
2010_12_15_19:58:39.649   072.149.169.xxx   Ooooooh the weather outside is frightful (26)
2010_12_15_19:58:41.597   098.252.139.xxx   hey mr wonderful
2010_12_15_19:59:03.145   069.137.078.xxx   u have no    ___=3
2010_12_15_19:59:20.576   072.149.169.xxx   u have no bawls, but i have bawls mints (27)
2010_12_15_19:59:30.001   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Answer to #1 question: Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_19:59:44.910   098.086.027.xxx   Merry Christmas Tina!
2010_12_15_19:59:48.813   069.137.078.xxx   ( . ) ( . )
2010_12_15_19:59:56.245   071.138.171.xxx   Hi Alex u ever think of putting up a 4th cam?
2010_12_15_20:00:23.325   098.252.139.xxx   i love firemen
2010_12_15_20:00:24.051   069.137.078.xxx   (______)
2010_12_15_20:01:09.390   067.160.097.xxx   My stepbrothers have been to your house when all the lights are up! They said i
2010_12_15_20:01:10.633   068.150.181.xxx   hey, quit it! (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_20:01:10.712   076.097.077.xxx   GN BB, GN ALL! Merry Christmas!
2010_12_15_20:01:33.165   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Don't have a "good" spot for the 4th webcam ... yet! ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_20:01:34.800   069.137.078.xxx   bala**d
2010_12_15_20:01:58.419   072.149.169.xxx   KKHHHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! (28)
2010_12_15_20:02:40.385   072.149.169.xxx   must remember to put a space into those big things next time (29)
2010_12_15_20:03:39.995   067.160.097.xxx   How much is your electric bill?! Must be nuts!
2010_12_15_20:03:42.264   072.149.169.xxx   Alex, what gave you the idea to do this? (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_20:03:48.230   071.138.171.xxx   may a 2nd cam pointing at the front of the house?
2010_12_15_20:04:35.049   071.138.171.xxx   or 2nd one looking down at the front yard
2010_12_15_20:05:37.880   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Answer to #2 question: Electricity costs are a few bucks a day - see bottom of webcam page ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_20:08:03.348   072.174.114.xxx   I hate you
2010_12_15_20:08:22.065   071.138.171.xxx   with or with out 4th cam i love ur setup
2010_12_15_20:08:26.764   072.149.169.xxx   awwwww christmas love, how sweet (31)
2010_12_15_20:09:09.923   076.097.077.xxx   someone needs a hug (or a snggie?)
2010_12_15_20:09:15.679   071.138.171.xxx   thank you for sharing ur lights with all of us on the internet
2010_12_15_20:09:17.138   072.174.114.xxx   Hay watch Cars 2
2010_12_15_20:10:19.661   072.149.169.xxx   probably the creepiest part of this... he tracks us.... "you have visited 6 tim (32)
2010_12_15_20:10:46.560   072.174.114.xxx   hay
2010_12_15_20:10:49.566   071.138.171.xxx   he dont know where we are
2010_12_15_20:10:49.653   072.149.169.xxx   the cia, they want me man, they're trying to find me (33)
2010_12_15_20:11:55.669   072.174.114.xxx   wat ever
2010_12_15_20:12:22.435   024.205.227.xxx   hello everybody
2010_12_15_20:12:42.332   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** 4th cam would be nice, but not good place outside for 7x24 in front of house ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_20:13:06.743   072.149.169.xxx   not any really good angles for a 4th cam (34)
2010_12_15_20:14:17.504   072.174.114.xxx   Herbie The Love Bug ROCKS
2010_12_15_20:14:51.400   072.149.169.xxx   i just noticed the "ON OFF" lights on the roof (35)
2010_12_15_20:15:20.837   076.030.242.xxx   Good ol' MIDI music!
2010_12_15_20:16:15.707   072.174.114.xxx   am Kyle Vincent
2010_12_15_20:16:15.783   122.056.005.xxx   is the main house camera the one across the street? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_20:16:52.257   072.174.114.xxx   Iam Kyle
2010_12_15_20:17:11.661   151.213.162.xxx   wow someone really likes the lights off :/
2010_12_15_20:18:12.868   151.213.162.xxx   ugh CR
2010_12_15_20:18:15.773   076.030.242.xxx   HE's Back
2010_12_15_20:18:27.373   072.149.169.xxx   in black (36)
2010_12_15_20:18:42.764   151.213.162.xxx   fail
2010_12_15_20:18:45.718   072.174.114.xxx   i don't now
2010_12_15_20:18:52.680   072.149.169.xxx   Epic fail (37)
2010_12_15_20:19:15.344   072.174.114.xxx   hay
2010_12_15_20:20:52.745   072.174.114.xxx   SANTA (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_20:22:49.338   072.062.054.xxx   hello beaverton or
2010_12_15_20:22:59.619   072.174.114.xxx   do not Mess with the Hulk (11)
2010_12_15_20:25:44.651   072.062.054.xxx   I love shanda
2010_12_15_20:28:20.685   072.062.054.xxx   ok you j
2010_12_15_20:29:33.260   072.062.054.xxx   alek u wave to the lo e of my life?
2010_12_15_20:30:32.115   071.058.120.xxx   interactive Alex is interactive
2010_12_15_20:34:09.180   067.166.037.xxx   text & CR
2010_12_15_20:35:23.471   131.107.000.xxx   happy holidays!
2010_12_15_20:35:30.193   069.047.021.xxx   This is incredible
2010_12_15_20:35:57.868   069.047.021.xxx   XMAS BIG
2010_12_15_20:36:10.506   131.107.000.xxx   Hello Download Squad
2010_12_15_20:36:32.473   069.047.021.xxx   XMAS BIG
2010_12_15_20:36:53.722   131.107.000.xxx   Seni seviyorum Cigdem!
2010_12_15_20:37:29.391   099.116.155.xxx   Sup mang
2010_12_15_20:38:26.898   131.107.000.xxx   8====D
2010_12_15_20:38:31.853   193.140.216.xxx   ben de seni seviyorum maximus
2010_12_15_20:38:57.204   069.047.021.xxx   WAIMOM
2010_12_15_20:39:01.033   131.107.000.xxx   IHUHAHUAHEU
2010_12_15_20:39:42.723   068.096.170.xxx   ALL OFF SAVING POWER!!
2010_12_15_20:40:07.689   069.047.021.xxx   GOING GREEN
2010_12_15_20:40:34.454   151.213.162.xxx   doin ur mom lol
2010_12_15_20:40:36.215   069.047.021.xxx   Sup Anthony and Chunk
2010_12_15_20:40:37.683   068.096.170.xxx   SOLAR POWER!!
2010_12_15_20:41:01.780   069.047.021.xxx   BUSY
2010_12_15_20:41:07.063   151.213.162.xxx   8==D______
2010_12_15_20:41:26.163   068.096.170.xxx   9.4 MPH gusting to 18.1 WIND POWER!! (are you paying attention ALek?)
2010_12_15_20:41:57.013   069.047.021.xxx   .
2010_12_15_20:42:13.251   068.096.170.xxx   I just saved you .3 cents on your power bill!
2010_12_15_20:42:33.124   069.047.021.xxx   I could really go for a nice mountain creek
2010_12_15_20:42:38.603   099.116.155.xxx   B=======D (_)x(_)
2010_12_15_20:42:55.057   024.013.172.xxx   LOVE PANINI
2010_12_15_20:43:17.370   099.116.155.xxx   B===D _________ (_)x(_)
2010_12_15_20:43:24.133   024.013.172.xxx   MY DIMES!!!!
2010_12_15_20:43:41.173   069.047.021.xxx   DAQ ATTACK!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_20:43:59.730   099.116.155.xxx   Arlene died for your dimes
2010_12_15_20:44:11.482   068.096.170.xxx   SAVING POWER AGAIN!
2010_12_15_20:44:30.684   099.116.155.xxx   Arlene is the reason for the season
2010_12_15_20:44:53.537   024.013.172.xxx   WALL DRUG
2010_12_15_20:45:35.869   024.013.172.xxx   Big Clock is wrong.
2010_12_15_20:45:53.892   069.047.021.xxx   Do your kids like bread? (11)
2010_12_15_20:46:08.620   024.013.172.xxx   Not my number anymore James!
2010_12_15_20:46:10.014   068.096.170.xxx   Saving more!
2010_12_15_20:46:56.200   068.096.170.xxx   NOT NICE!
2010_12_15_20:48:47.777   069.047.021.xxx   XMAS TIME (12)
2010_12_15_20:51:17.955   129.021.074.xxx   lolol
2010_12_15_20:51:45.658   068.096.170.xxx   BE NICE CHILDREN!
2010_12_15_20:52:49.211   068.096.170.xxx   Christmas site set up for charity, please have some respect
2010_12_15_20:54:52.265   068.150.181.xxx   wow, some people are really pathetic (21)
2010_12_15_20:57:30.760   076.029.221.xxx   Watches ban hammer go down (11)
2010_12_15_20:57:38.599   174.109.072.xxx   Save on your long distance... Ask me how!
2010_12_15_20:58:02.724   068.150.181.xxx   nobody cares about saving on LD.. (22)
2010_12_15_21:00:33.531   174.109.072.xxx   We need the wit and wisdom of Spiro Agnew now more than ever...
2010_12_15_21:00:55.553   068.150.181.xxx   will you give it up already? (23)
2010_12_15_21:01:38.804   174.109.072.xxx   Preserve Wildlife.  Pickle a squirrel today!
2010_12_15_21:02:17.075   068.150.181.xxx   what are you 12?  grow up buddy (24)
2010_12_15_21:03:28.956   075.075.127.xxx   Can you imagine sleeping in front of the laptop, just out of camera view (23)
2010_12_15_21:03:53.176   068.150.181.xxx   i don't think I could no (25)
2010_12_15_21:03:54.658   075.075.127.xxx   And seeing all these messages (24)
2010_12_15_21:04:40.410   068.150.181.xxx   I'm sure that he's likely watching tv (26)
2010_12_15_21:05:00.183   174.109.072.xxx   Or in the bathroom.
2010_12_15_21:05:20.936   068.150.181.xxx   do you want a virus 174?  no?  then shut up (27)
2010_12_15_21:05:29.373   075.075.127.xxx   Oh, I know. Just thought it would be funny, is all (25)
2010_12_15_21:05:47.923   174.109.072.xxx   You mean 95 of us have nothing better to do than THIS? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:06:09.987   108.068.177.xxx   That is one ugly kid
2010_12_15_21:06:10.454   075.075.127.xxx   Bang. Funny pic (26)
2010_12_15_21:06:15.251   068.150.181.xxx   it's a family website.. so what?  then why are (28)
2010_12_15_21:06:27.293   174.109.072.xxx   Lock & Load, sport! (11)
2010_12_15_21:06:40.878   068.150.181.xxx   why are you here then? (29)
2010_12_15_21:07:07.414   075.075.127.xxx   Anyone noticed amongst all the Christmas stuff, there is a skull on the left? (27)
2010_12_15_21:07:19.264   174.109.072.xxx   C'mon folks, lighten up.  Have some humor. (12)
2010_12_15_21:07:30.728   075.075.127.xxx   left (28)
2010_12_15_21:07:35.271   068.150.181.xxx   you're humor isn't funny, get it? (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:07:44.619   108.068.177.xxx   Where did the ugly kid go?
2010_12_15_21:08:06.049   075.075.127.xxx   Bet he looks better than you. Be nice. (29)
2010_12_15_21:08:53.416   108.068.177.xxx   8======D__________________
2010_12_15_21:09:01.309   075.075.127.xxx   Lava Lamps. Awesome. Glub, glub. (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:10:04.925   075.075.127.xxx   ___L___ (31)
2010_12_15_21:10:23.982   174.109.072.xxx   : : : : : : (13)
2010_12_15_21:10:35.860   075.075.127.xxx   ___L___ (32)
2010_12_15_21:10:48.245   174.109.072.xxx   ? (14)
2010_12_15_21:11:33.051   075.075.127.xxx   Oooh, dark (33)
2010_12_15_21:12:18.313   075.075.127.xxx   Ahh, light (34)
2010_12_15_21:12:21.469   174.109.072.xxx   And then, there was light! (15)
2010_12_15_21:13:00.218   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** We do seem to have a lot of people that like the lights OFF tonight ... ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_21:13:04.423   156.034.192.xxx   Kenny G Xmas...good stuff
2010_12_15_21:13:14.989   075.075.127.xxx   Be proud of that black base Lava Lamp. They don't make the black bases generall (35)
2010_12_15_21:13:26.881   174.109.072.xxx   Almost as good as ABBA. (16)
2010_12_15_21:14:00.791   156.034.192.xxx   :O
2010_12_15_21:14:29.082   075.075.127.xxx   I think the people like the lights off so they can turn them on (36)
2010_12_15_21:15:15.151   064.092.030.xxx   just read tonights archives palindromes for the win.
2010_12_15_21:15:42.268   075.075.127.xxx   That was me. Went by so fast, I didn't think anyone noticed (37)
2010_12_15_21:17:01.019   174.109.072.xxx   9:15 (17)
2010_12_15_21:17:41.679   156.034.192.xxx   12:17 (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:18:20.063   075.075.127.xxx   If I didn't know better, it would look like he was staring at the Lava Lamps (38)
2010_12_15_21:18:42.602   174.109.072.xxx   In 2011, we need "LavaCam" (18)
2010_12_15_21:18:47.018   075.075.127.xxx   Makes a funny pic (39)
2010_12_15_21:19:19.742   075.075.127.xxx   A university did that once years ago. Set up like 12 of them (40 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:19:48.099   075.075.127.xxx   Used them for a random number generator input (41)
2010_12_15_21:20:27.002   156.034.192.xxx   i a**umed he was looking at a tray of brownies offscreen (11)
2010_12_15_21:20:47.112   075.075.127.xxx   I am a**uming there is another monitor there (42)
2010_12_15_21:21:13.108   156.034.192.xxx   thats crazy talk :P (12)
2010_12_15_21:21:16.196   075.075.127.xxx   You can see the reflection in the clock (43)
2010_12_15_21:21:44.064   075.075.127.xxx   Unless that's a lamp (44)
2010_12_15_21:22:57.752   075.075.127.xxx   I wonder if his neighbors ever log on, and leave him messages to play with him (45)
2010_12_15_21:24:04.508   156.034.192.xxx   neighbors can be diabolical (13)
2010_12_15_21:24:41.755   075.075.127.xxx   Normal chat room? IM? No, we're conversing over a guy's laptop on a webcam (46)
2010_12_15_21:25:04.611   075.075.127.xxx   I love that (47)
2010_12_15_21:25:53.239   156.034.192.xxx   Alek...does the snowglobe get fogged up? seen some here that do (14)
2010_12_15_21:26:18.650   075.075.127.xxx   I imagine it would depend on humidity (48)
2010_12_15_21:27:03.592   075.075.127.xxx   It's funny, I have a Lava Lamp right beside me, the color (49)
2010_12_15_21:27:43.375   075.075.127.xxx   is about the same, but silver base, and larger (50 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:28:15.428   075.075.127.xxx   a**uming it's red lava, and purple liquid (51)
2010_12_15_21:28:34.648   156.034.192.xxx   got a real old one here, with bra** arms holding the lamp in (15)
2010_12_15_21:28:51.280   075.075.127.xxx   Nice. That's an antique (52)
2010_12_15_21:30:42.149   156.034.192.xxx   Alek's inflatables seem to inflate a lot faster than mine (16)
2010_12_15_21:31:08.075   075.075.127.xxx   I saw a Santa copter at a local store, loved it (53)
2010_12_15_21:31:40.861   156.034.192.xxx   seen that, and a santa biplane too :) (17)
2010_12_15_21:31:46.342   075.075.127.xxx   Maybe he juiced them up with a more powerful pump? (54)
2010_12_15_21:32:20.866   075.075.127.xxx   I wonder if it gets warm in that room with all the lights (55)
2010_12_15_21:32:51.424   075.075.127.xxx   Hey, another person. Hi. (56)
2010_12_15_21:33:51.731   156.034.192.xxx   was that Dirk ? (18)
2010_12_15_21:34:11.867   076.078.133.xxx   Albino Squirrels
2010_12_15_21:35:10.024   075.075.127.xxx   I see a white ob*ect floating around. The GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE! (57)
2010_12_15_21:35:37.414   075.075.127.xxx   Ok, not really (58)
2010_12_15_21:35:43.257   069.149.120.xxx   That's just a lava lamp. :P
2010_12_15_21:37:30.209   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's a GROOVY Lava Lamp! ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_21:39:46.413   075.075.127.xxx   Fun fact: One of the largest official Lava Lamps is 5 feet tall, and costs ___3 (59)
2010_12_15_21:40:12.631   075.075.127.xxx   ___3000 (60 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:41:16.534   024.027.004.xxx   Everything in your world is way too cool
2010_12_15_21:41:25.168   208.053.126.xxx   Antler is here
2010_12_15_21:41:47.155   024.027.004.xxx   who be antler?
2010_12_15_21:42:20.734   071.023.249.xxx   hi
2010_12_15_21:42:59.742   024.027.004.xxx   Alek, what are you looking at all night?
2010_12_15_21:44:01.126   208.053.126.xxx   hi markoh..it's Antler
2010_12_15_21:45:44.016   174.025.228.xxx   I am so thrilled to see so much Christmas Cheer!!!
2010_12_15_21:46:28.640   174.025.228.xxx   Hi from Minnesota Where the Snow is Aplenty!!!!
2010_12_15_21:46:30.843   068.096.170.xxx   CLICK! -- Or it didn't happen! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:46:31.142   071.023.249.xxx   i wanna do this tooo
2010_12_15_21:47:07.732   071.023.249.xxx   alek can i turn all of it off for you
2010_12_15_21:47:45.104   068.098.033.xxx   Groovy lava lamp. Outta sight!
2010_12_15_21:47:54.303   071.023.249.xxx   guysss if i turn it off leave it off
2010_12_15_21:48:09.701   068.096.170.xxx   POWER SAVING MODE NOW ON! (11)
2010_12_15_21:48:27.616   208.053.126.xxx   MERRY X-MAS
2010_12_15_21:48:37.536   174.025.228.xxx   dont turn it off - Turn it all ON___
2010_12_15_21:49:09.848   068.096.170.xxx   ALL OFF SAVING POWER!! (12)
2010_12_15_21:49:35.103   071.023.249.xxx   why not turn it off im sorry i didnt get to see your message
2010_12_15_21:49:39.509   208.053.126.xxx   Thank's Alex for what you do!!!
2010_12_15_21:50:08.066   068.096.170.xxx   GOING GREEN - SAVING BIG BUCKS! (13)
2010_12_15_21:50:08.525   174.025.228.xxx   Hey Can you wave to us????
2010_12_15_21:50:26.988   071.023.249.xxx   guys lets everyone freak alek out and turn them all off
2010_12_15_21:50:46.710   174.025.228.xxx   nooooo turn them ON
2010_12_15_21:50:54.662   071.023.249.xxx   for just one minute
2010_12_15_21:51:17.245   174.025.228.xxx   dont be a humbug!
2010_12_15_21:51:19.648   071.023.249.xxx   plsssss
2010_12_15_21:51:52.958   174.025.228.xxx   ok - now turn them all on___
2010_12_15_21:51:53.573   068.096.170.xxx   SAVE POWER! ALL OFF! (14)
2010_12_15_21:52:11.164   071.023.249.xxx   guys plsssss
2010_12_15_21:52:13.603   075.075.127.xxx   He already noticed most of them were off earlier (61)
2010_12_15_21:52:28.195   068.096.170.xxx   SAVE HIM MONEY! (15)
2010_12_15_21:52:49.115   075.075.127.xxx   Technically, standard bulbs, turning them off and on uses more juice (62)
2010_12_15_21:52:49.412   071.023.249.xxx   wait howd he notice what happened (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:53:01.501   174.025.228.xxx   save money? With Geico This is Christmas ___
2010_12_15_21:53:06.359   068.096.170.xxx   Yea, he's a robot! (16)
2010_12_15_21:53:39.953   071.023.249.xxx   omgsh atleast someone is on my side of the idea of off (11)
2010_12_15_21:53:57.419   068.104.008.xxx   but the Santa climbing the ladder is REAL
2010_12_15_21:53:57.727   174.025.228.xxx   What is He doing?
2010_12_15_21:54:26.202   071.023.249.xxx   i am shutting them off but youuu keep turning them on (12)
2010_12_15_21:54:49.170   174.025.228.xxx   They should be on! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_15_21:55:22.043   071.023.249.xxx   NO!!!!! dont do it pls just for a min i want to see his reaction (13)
2010_12_15_21:56:03.248   174.025.228.xxx   must keep the Whobilation going! (11)
2010_12_15_21:56:28.868   071.023.249.xxx   hahahaha i can click off faster than you can click on (14)
2010_12_15_21:57:26.315   067.164.028.xxx   ji
2010_12_15_21:57:49.528   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** 3 minutes left tonight of ON-OFF-ON-OFF ... but there is always tomorrow ***ALEK***
2010_12_15_21:57:55.175   174.025.228.xxx   Good Night And Merry Christmas! (12)
2010_12_15_21:58:21.827   071.023.249.xxx   if you are on help me turn these off in a war againtst this person (15)
2010_12_15_21:59:56.327   068.096.170.xxx   Last post before the snow hits! (17)

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