Bat Fan

So recall in some recent "Bat Battles" how it appears the bats are coming in from my attic - see Bat Tupperware Part 1 and Bat Tupperware Part 2. where I ended saying "I've heard a few noises while I type this up ... but I think I'm imagining things - lets just hope that Bat #3 doesn't show up ..." Turns out I wasn't imaging things!

So two weeks later, I'm in my office and I hear some scratching noises. I wander over to the crawl space entrace, and Holy-Moley a bat is there. He's poking away at the window screening that I had placed past the box fan grating. I only got one picture before he gave up ... but this does seem to confirm where they are coming from. I did debate turning on the box fan while he was in there ...

I'll need to go up on the roof and take a look around for any possible entry holes. Or I guess I could go up in the attic itself and check things out - could be a whole colony up there - yikes!!!!

Bat in Fan

bat fan

Full-size original image of above

bat fan all