Keyhole Route from the Boulder Field to the Longs Peak Summit

Part 3. It is only about 2 miles and 1,500 vertical feet from the Boulder Field to the Longs Peak Summit via the Keyhole route ... but it's some work and a bit of a scramble ... but non-technical (this time of the year with little snow) so ropes aren't required. As mentioned earlier, it was sure nice to overnight in the Boulder Field since we took our time in the morning (after a good night's sleep), and were on the trail to the Keyhole by 8:00AM ... versus other hikers who had left the trailhead at O-dark-30 and were just showing up.

Ready to climb the Keyhole Route

We are ants - note Boulder Field Inn rock structure

longs peak keyhole 1 longs peak keyhole 2

Alek hanging out in the Keyhole

Lets hope that rock doesn't fall ...

longs peak keyhole 3 longs peak keyhole 4

Boulder Field Inn at 13,100'

Agnes Vaille Memorial Plaque can be seen

Boulder Field Inn Agnes Vaille Memorial

Kris, Dad, and Kurt on the other side of the Keyhole

Kurt and Dad scrambling on the backside

longs peak back side 1 longs peak back side 2

Climbing up the steep trail

Even a bit of all-fours scrambling

climbing 1 climbing 2

Alek & Kris come around the corner outa the shade

Myke and Kris with a LOT of mountains below 'em

longs peak 6 longs peak 7

Myke and Alek going up the chimney

Just an easy walk from here to the Longs Peak summit

long peaks top 1 long peaks top 2

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