Longs Peak Summit - Part 4

After about 2 miles and 1,500 vertical feet via the Longs Peak Keyhole Route you arrive at the 14,255' Summit. As imagined, the views are pretty darn nice and I shot a 360° Panorama of Longs Peak from the top along with a few pictures of some Marmots.

Kris and Myke struggle to the top

But hold on to make a dual summit accent

longs peak summit 4 longs peak summit 3

Kris, Alek, and Myke with Mom's "victory flag"

A not-so-cold Longs Peak Beer!

longs peak summit longs peak beer

Boulder Field from Longs Peak Summit

Lets put a little bit of zoom on it

summit 1 summit 2

Using the maximim 4X optical zoom

Multiplying by 3X digital zoom

summit 3 summit 4

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