Even at the very top of Colorado 14'ers, you'll find pesky ol' Marmots. These critters are always looking for scraps and can be quite agressive. Even toss a few rocks at 'em will typically just spook 'em for a short time, and they'll soon return, looking for a handout. While some people might things these guys are cute, I'd personally classify 'em as vermin (some funny stories at that link) and I think the closeups below leave no doubt about that! ;-)

Side Profile of the pesky critters

Marmots aren't all that pretty ...

mountain marmot 1a mountain marmot 1b

A head-on shot of Mr. Marmot

Nice hair marmots dude!

mountain marmot 2a mountain marmot 2b

Mountain Marmot

moving mountain marmot
Notice that he senses the incoming rock ... ;-)

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