Seward Surprise

Two years ago, I had a surprise 40th birthday party when my brothers/family all showed up and we climbed Longs Peak, Colorado ... so turnabout was fair play a few years later for my younger brother Kurt! ;-)

He thought he was going to Alaska with just his wife to meet his sister for a fishing charter in Seward Alaska but unknown to him, his other three brothers flew into Anchorage a few hours earlier in the day. We were all booked into the same 2-bedroom cabin just outside of Seward, and Steph had told Kurt that they were sharing it with a couple on their honeymoon. So when we "set up" the room for their 2:00AM arrival, lets just say we had some fun with it! ;-)

The "surprise" was pulled in the morning when Kris came out of the bathroom and said "HEY, who are you?" ... and then a few minutes later, Kurt came out of his room with me just "hanging" on the couch ... followed by Myke coming in the front door - a total 1-2-3 punch! Other notable pranks were having a "water bottle" toast on the boat ... with Kurt getting vodka instead. And perhaps the best one was we all had Captain Crudd fishing shirts on for the boat. Needless to say, it was all in good fun and Kurt and everyone else had a great time.

Kurt wondering who are all these guys in Seward!

seward surprise

Seward fishing boats from the Klondike

Myke thought the Seward crab rocked

seward fishing boats seward crab

TSA checks out the christmas hoaxer

Alek catches a few winks on the flight to Alaska

alek tsa seward sleep