Captain Crudd Fishing Shirts

My brother Kurt loves to fish, and like most fisherman, he is superstitious; so he always wears his "Captain Crudd Good Luck Fishing Shirt" to insure that the fish will be biting. He's owned two of these since his 20's ... one that is a light blue for Salt Water fishing, and one white for Fresh water fishing. After over a decade of use, they are looking a bit ratty/smelly, but as Captain Crudd says "I ain't ever met a well-dressed, sweet-smelling fisherman worth his salt yet!"

My family had surprised me on my 40th birthday when they all showed up and we hiked Longs Peak, Colorado ... so turnabout was fair play a few years later for Kurt - aka Captain Crudd! ;-)

So we surprised him on a Seward Alaska fishing charter and as part of that, my Mom was able to track down some Captain Crudd fishing shirts at Pike Place Market. We wore these underneath other shirts until halfway through the day ... and then when he was busy fishing, all whipped 'em off and waited until he noticed. He finally noticed his wife Mary and said "Hey Mary, you are wearing my white Captain Crudd shirt ... HEY, that's a NEW Captain Crudd shirt ... HEY, all you guys are wearing Captain Crudd shirts!"

Needless to say, it was a big hit ... and only one of the many pranks we played on him that weekend. And while Kurt did a nice jog helping us fish for silver salmon, halibut, ling cod, and yellow eye rockfish, be sure to scroll down to see how good a beer drinker Captain Crudd is! ;-)

Captain Crudd - front view

Fishing Shirt - back view

captain crudd front captain crudd back

Buff looking Captain Crudd

Sunglasses protect against flying hooks

boat crudd crudd closeup

Captain's Kevin & Crudd with Sis Stephanie

Bro's Alek and Myke with Cod Crudd

cod crudd alek myke

A buncha Captain Crudd Fishing Shirts

crudd all

Captain Crudd hard at work ...

crudd beer
And be sure to check Kurt out in zodiac CZ7 boat
Last but not least, there are the captain crudd fish recipes - try 'em!