June 25th, 2009 Raptors Baseball Game

The Raptors played at 5:30PM on June 25th, 2009 under dark clouds with occasional rain. So the light conditions were pretty lousy for sports ... although it results in a kinda nifty saturated look. I bumped ISO to 1600, but could only get 1/400 second shutter speed, plus it's a bit of a reach with the Canon 55-250 telephoto lens shooting from outside the fence in center field. This particular game was a "walkfest" as the other team's pitchers has control issues (hats off to the ump who had kept good concentration in this slow paced game) although the kids still had fun.

This ended up being a strike - interesting how high the pitch arcs

baseball 1

Bambino's "crushing" double to left-center ... two days later, he hit a home run!

baseball 2

Snake high-steps away from an inside pitch

baseball 3

Tulo, Albert, Sultan, Kyle, and Pudge at the plate

baseball 4

baseball 5

baseball 6

baseball 7

baseball 8

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