Snow Sledding - November 15th, 2009

After spending a week in Churchill Canada seeing Polar Bears, I arrived back in Denver Saturday late afternoon as a major snow storm moved in. It ended up dropping almost a foot of snow overnight, so we clowned around in the in the morning plus did some general vegging out. After shoveling the driveway/sidewalks, I ventured out in the late afternoon with my two boys and friend Luka over to a great sledding hill in the nearby Spring Creek neighborhood. Several other families were there and we all had a great time ripping down the slopes as the sun set behind us.

Dirk and Kyle clowing around Sunday morning - 8" of snow on the ruler

sledding 1

Kyle ripping up the slopes

sledding 2

sledding 3

sledding 4

Luka does a face plant ... but gets right back up afterwards!

sledding 5

Dirk rips it up also!

sledding 6

sledding 8

sledding 9

sledding a

sledding b

Some other kids that were having a blast too - was cool that everyone shared sleds/tubes/etc.

sledding c

sledding 7

sledding d

sledding e

sledding f

sledding g

A few months later, we got some BIG Air Snow Sledding at Tantra Park, Boulder