Emails from Alek & Wendy's African Safari

Alek & Wendy are going on an 18-day African Safari - Click here for details

If all the "technology" works correctly, below will be Email reports that we'll send from Africa.

19990525: 1st/test Email
19990528: 2nd/farewall Email
19990529: 3rd/unplanned stop in Miami
19990531: 4th/Arrived in Africa!
19990606: 5th/Wendy's ancy
19990607: 6th/Mating lions
19990609: 7th/Questions answered
19990614: 8th/200+ digital pictures at this point
19990615: 9th/17 hours of flying ... but almost home! ;-)
19990617: 10th/Wrap-up and initial pictures available