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Check out the African Safari trip we did as a family in 2010

UPDATE: We made it back - read (and see) all about it here:
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Below are a few initial pictures from our African Safari ... I shot over 200 digital shots and 100+ "analog" pictures, so hopefully this handful of pictures from our African Safari will give you a feel for the trip without being too overwhelming. I would LOVE to go back and reshoot these as digital camera photography has advanced quite a bit since 1999.

BTW, I get a fair number of Emails from folks asking me about these pictures and who would I recommend for more info on African Safari's. If you are interested in a high-end customized trip with a focus on wildlife, I recommend Wendy at Natural Habitat Adventures who did a wonderful job settings up this trip and others such as a Churchill polar bear tour. She is also a wonderful travel companion and wife! ;-)

leave airport The Dirkster as we are leaving on our African Safari. My brother Myke "courier'ed" him up to Salt Lake City for us where my brother Kris kept good care of him for the two weeks we are gone.
return airport And upon return from our African Safari - suffice to say that Dirk was QUITE happy to see his Mommy and Daddy.
capetown Cape Town, South Africa at the end of a 13+ hour flight ... and 42 hours after leaving Denver - we missed this flight the day earlier by about 10 minutes - unfortunately, there is only one flight/day ...
titanic Wendy does her Kate Winslett (ala Titanic) imitation on top of Table Mountain (see picture above) overlooking CapeTown, South Africa.
plane-206-land-a The view from one of the 6-seat charter airplanes that transported us from camp to camp in Botswana and Zimbabwe - that's Wendy on the right.
5 legged Elephant A 5 Legged Elephant! ;-)
elephant Mock Charge The "classic" Elephant Mock (you hope!) Charge picture.
Elephant Sunset Elephants at Sunset - another classic picture.
sunset-eleph And then Alek & Wendy jump in the picture with a toast!
camp-gs-wen-tub A nice place to view the wildlife from ... and at! ;-)
No Smoking Lion If this guy wants to smoke, I'd let 'em ...
lw And if Mr. Lion wants to do this too, I'm not saying "no" either ... ;-)
Licac Breasted Roller Lilac Breasted Roller ... this bird is about 3" high ... so I was pretty happy to end up with a pretty close shot that demonstrates some of the color on this bird.
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa in high water (over a mile long)
bryan-n-julie At Victoria Falls, we meet up with Bryan and Julie (who are BICYCLING from Turkey to Cape Town). Eric and Kate are some fellow bikers they had met in town. Note that this was Julie's birthday ... we didn't have a cake, but Alek did "create" a candle on the wine cork later on for her!
SAA South African 747 Durban From the flight deck of the South African Airlines 747 as we cross the equator on the way back from our African Safari - note the altitude of 39,000 feet and heading of 333. This specific 747-400, named after the city of Durban, was the first 747-400 in SAA's fleet, and my dad (who worked for Boeing) flew it over on its delivery flight a few years earlier - small world! ;-)

africa safari elephant checkin A picture from another African Safari - probably best NOT to cut in front of the checkin line on this guy
The Boys ready for their africa safari A few years later (at Grandma's house), "The Boy's" show they are ready for their African Safari!

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