Comments on Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica Pictures

I appreciate the folks who have Email'ed me about my Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falklands pictures/saga.
Here's a sampling of the delightful comments - some are from fellow passengers that were on the trip.
You can Email me your comments and I'd love to hear which picture was your favorite.

Here's the Email I sent to people in my address book (and here's the music that goes with it! ;-)

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.
That started from Ushuaia, Argentina aboard the Ocean Nova, a tiny ship.
Alek was a mighty camera man as he took 10,000 pictures for sure.
66 passengers set sail seven months ago for a 19-day tour. A 19-day tour."

My wife works at an Adventure Travel company, and due to a
very fortunate set of circumstances (plus her encouragement
and willingness to watch the kids), I was able to go on a 19-day
expedition voyage to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica.

The amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery provides a
"target rich environment" that is a photographer's ultimate fantasy.
Many people have seen the web page already, but I figured others
who I have corresponded with might enjoy reading about this
fantastic place and seeing some photos from the trip:

In addition to that summary page, there are sub-pages for each day
with pictures of (literally) millions of penguins and other wildlife,
more icebergs than you can imagine, a Google Map of our voyage, and more.

Speaking of Gilligan and the Minnow, our ship (the Ocean Nova), didn't
get lost ... but you may recall hearing about it since it made the news
when it ran aground on the very next trip out - fortunately, no one was hurt.

I was incredibly lucky to be able to do this phenomenal experience
and am back to being a boring middle-aged suburban Dad, making
school lunches for the kids, playing baseball with 'em, etc. ;-)

Hopefully, "you're sure to get a smile" from the Antarctica saga.

A variety of blogs and other online sources have commented on the trip - I especially liked this one from the Tourismtastico Blog:
Travel Blogs can be dead boring and completely rubbish, even when they are slick and sexy looking.

This one, on the other hand, is actually really cool and interesting. In fact - I would say its approaching perfect and beautiful in its simplicity. It records a chap's trip to South America and on to Antarctica.

I love the way it looks - it is entirely functional. The pictures are all really cool and interesting and really big. There are descriptions of the photos and you get the idea of what the guy experienced without hearing about every last detail. It was a very cool mission and it is very well communicated, without getting all hyped up and Internetty.

The post finishes with an interesting footnote that the next sailing of the boat he travelled on wrecked in Antarctica. Sheeit.

Anyway - a classic of its genre.