Neko Harbor - Antarctica

After a nice morning at Danco Island, we had lunch onboard as we cruised into Neko Harbor were we also saw some nifty glacier calving.

Zodiac'ing into Neko Harbor

neko harbor antarctica 1

Looking back at the Ocean Nova from the Antarctica shoreline - mouseover to see better reflection in the water

Ocean Nova in Neko Harbor antarctica

After dropping people off ashore, Roger checks a nearby bergy bit

neko harbor antarctica 4

The Ocean Nova just offshore in Neko Harbor

neko harbor antarctica 2

neko harbor antarctica z2

Bob and Collette hanging out on a balmy day in Antarctica

neko harbor antarctica 6

Carol takes a brief break from taking (great) pictures

neko harbor antarctica a

There were many Gentoo Penguins feeding their chicks

neko harbor antarctica 7

The Parent regurgitates food to the chick - from one gullet into the other!

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gentoo penguin antarctica neko harbor

It's fascinating to watch the bonding between parent and young

neko harbor antarctica 8

neko harbor antarctica 9

A darn cute pair of Gentoo Penguin chicks - mouseover image to see the family in action

gentoo penguin chicks a1

Just one of many more cute pictures of the Gentoo Penguin chicks

gentoo penguin chicks az1

Gentoo Penguin approaches the water - mouseover to see next step

Gentoo Penguin getting in water

And then they'd jump in and go swimming away - mouseover to see next underwater stroke

Gentoo Penguin under water

I was just standing on a shoreline rock for these pictures as they swam right next to me

neko harbor antarctica d

Sometimes a buddy would join 'em for a swim - mouseover to see 'em in action

two Gentoo Penguin under water

Not-so-great picture of a Minke whale that showed up in Neko Harbor - mouseover to see close-up

whale in Neko Harbor

A couple of Cormorants go flying by our Zodiac - mouseover image to see 'em fly by

birds in Neko Harbor

Bronwyn took this picture of us ashore at Neko Harbor, Antarctica

neko harbor antarctica n

Jill takes a picture of Brando taking a picture of Kyle and Rick unfurling the Stars & Stripes

neko harbor antarctica o

Verrryyy clever by Rick for his wife - wish I had been this creative!

neko harbor antarctica p

A bird flies over the Neko Harbor Glacier

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neko harbor bird

That same arch had some impressive Glacier Calving

neko harbor glacier calving z1

neko harbor glacier calving z2

Fellow passenger wave to us as we return to the ship

neko harbor antarctica m

While at Neko Harbor, we built an Antarctic Snowman and then James & Debra did some cartwheels in Antarctica.
After dinner, we cruised through the Lemaire Channel for our last stop in Antarctica the next morning at Port Charcot.

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