POLAR PLUNGE at Port Charcot, Antarctica

After two incredible landings the previous day at Danco Island and Neko Harbor, we had our last Antarctica landing on Port Charcot. There was also a Zodiac cruise around Cape Tuxen (outside the bay and to the left) but I stayed on land as we had three days at sea coming up. I was coming down with a cold (plus the lack of sleep was catching up on me), and the cloudy day made me feel even chillier ... but I stuck around for the Polar Plunge! ;-)

Alek holds up some colorful rocks in front of Port Charcot, Antarctica

antarctica port charcot 1

Steve & Clavey and Bob & Collette

antarctica port charcot 9

antarctica port charcot 5

Jim and Carol - mouseover image to see picture with flash

antarctica port charcot jim carol

Another picture of Alek overlooking Port Charcot with closer view of the anchored Ocean Nova

antarctica port charcot 6

This "Bergy Bit" iceberg ended up being where we did the Polar Plunge!

antarctica port charcot 7

The view from the shoreline of that small iceberg

antarctica port charcot a

Kyle tries to give it a push, but it was grounded against the bottom

antarctica port charcot b

So he had his Dad give him (and then James) a hoist up on the iceberg ... in swimming attire! ;-)

antarctica port charcot c

Paul joined in and Glen got the shot of 'em doing the "Polar Plunge" in sub-zero salt water
They got out fast - watch the video of the Polar Plunge!

antarctica port charcot e

Shackers and Bronwyn decided to swim to the iceberg rather than jump

antarctica port charcot f

Needless to say, they were a bit chilled afterwards

antarctica port charcot g

A pair of Crabeater Seals on an ice floe at Port Charcot

antarctica port charcot k

antarctica port charcot h

JillG took this picture of a Leopard Seal eyeballing the camera

antarctica port charcot l

A Crabeater Seal takes a mild interest as our Zodiac passes by - mouseover for see 'em then look away

antarctica weddell seal

A Gentoo Penguin seems oblivious to two Fur Seals snarling at each other

antarctica port charcot 2

Suzanne took this picture heading back to the Ocean Nova

antarctica port charcot m

Needless to say, the Polar Plunge was one of the most entertaining things on the entire trip. I should have done it with them ... but didn't know they were planning it, so didn't have a swimsuit on underneath ... but heck, I could have gone in my skivvies. In my defense, I felt lousy and had the "chills" ... but heck, it was our last stop, so I guess maybe next time I'm in Antarctica! All good things must come to an end and despite the bothersome cold, I was the last passengers off of the last zodiac to return to the ship. Read more about that and the return voyage of crossing the Drake Passage.

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