Fortuna Bay - South Georgia

After a foggy morning in Prion Island, the weather improved as the Ocean Nova cruised into Fortuna Bay. Several dozen of us were dropped off here to re-enact the last part of the Ernest Shackleton walk. After he had traversed 800 miles of open ocean from Elephant Island, Shackleton landed at Cape Rosa and started hiking to the whaling station of Stromness, passing through Fortuna Bay where we would start our ground adventure.

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia - click for high-res photo

Fortuna Bay landscape - South Georgia

Rugged mountains above Fortuna Bay would have looked formidable to Shackleton and his men

South Georgia Fortuna Bay 1

Zodiac'ing out from the Ocean Nova - easier than 16 days in a lifeboat from Elephant Island! ;-)

South Georgia Fortuna Bay 2

South Georgia Fortuna Bay 3

Baby fur seals keep a close-eye on the cameraman - mouseover image for previous view

fortuna bay baby fur seal

Bigger seals bark at cameraman - mouseover image to see more mellow behavior

fortuna bay fur seal

Jim's picture answers the question for those wondering where the seals come from ... ;-)

Seal Leg Over

An Albatross chick trying to stay cool in the 60°F warm weather - mouseover image for close-up

fortuna bay fur seal

Paul and James hanging out on Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

South Georgia Fortuna Bay 4

Our intrepid hikers ready to re-enact the last part of Shackleton's walk

South Georgia Fortuna Bay c

Andy gives the thumbs-up to start the hike - mouseover image for close-up

fortuna bay andy

Alek doesn't look quite as studly ... but check out those legs in the Wellies! ;-)

South Georgia Fortuna Bay 6

The weather could not have been any better for this hike - as you can see in the picture above, I'm in shorts - it got to almost 70°F later that day!
After consulting the Shackleton Walk brochure, we started our hike up into the mountains toward Stromness, South Georgia.

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