Prion Island - South Georgia

After ending the previous day with an amazing visit to Salisbury Plains, our morning stop for the 2nd day on South Georgia was nearby Prion Island.
For this landing, we had to split into two groups and the Starboard side of the ship went first, so I was on the Zodiac at 5:30AM. It was another foggy morning (similar to the morning before when we went to Elsehul), but this just add to the surrealness on this grassy island. We ascended up a wooded boardwalk (dodging an occasional seal) to the breeding area for the Wandering Albatross who have the largest wingspan (12 feet!) of any living bird.

The ship's doctor Kate (nice lady) took this picture of passing traffic on the boardwalk ...

south georgia prion island a

Fur Seals are well hidden in the Tussock Grass ... but they'll bark at 'ya! ;-)

south georgia prion island 1

Mom with baby seal ... they are pretty cute when they don't hiss at 'ya!

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Prion Island Fur Seals

Prion Island Wandering Albatross - my shots were lousy, so here's a few from Carol Monaco

south georgia prion albatross 1

That's probably a ten foot wingspan - mouseover image for wide-angle view

salisbury plains zodiac

South Georgia Sku Chick - they attack penguins when bigger!

south georgia prion island 3

Pictures taken a few second apart - one on the right is with flash

south georgia prion island 2

Unfortunately, during the first visit, there were only a few Wandering Albatross visible from a distance as the fog rolled in, so I didn't see too much. However, some people in the second group had better sightings plus even saw one takeoff and described it was "747 going down a runway" as they get quite the running head start while their giant wings flap around. After all were back on-board the ship, we enjoyed a hearty brunch and nice nap (!) as the Ocean Nova re-positioned to Fortuna Bay where we would re-enact the Shackleton walk.

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