Stromness, South Georgia

After a late morning dropoff at Fortuna Bay, several dozen of us retraced Shackleton's Walk to Stromness - here's the official South Georgia map.
Recall that Shackleton had been trapped on the ice for many months after watching his ship get crushed, then traveled 800 miles across open ocean from Elephant Island (thanks to Frank Worsley's amazing celestial navigation), and after landing on South Georgia in May 1916, than had to do a 36 hour hike through the South Georgia Mountains using primitive gear ... with Winter weather setting in! Fortunately, we didn't have it that rough as we re-traced the final four miles (and ~1,000 vertical feet) of his trek to arrive at the now deserted whaling village of Stromness, South Georgia. How amazing it must have been for Shackleton and his men to hear the 7:00AM Whistle from the Whaling Station after their incredible journey.

An intrepid band of hikers at Fortuna Bay about to retrace Shackleton's steps to Stromness

Stromness South Georgia a6

Lenticular Cloud over the mountains as we head inland

Stromness South Georgia 1

A herd of Reindeer going the other way back toward Fortuna Bay after the Ocean Nova has left

Stromness South Georgia 2

Alek (yours truly) doesn't quite look as tough as Ernest Shackleton! ;-)

Stromness South Georgia 3

Although I look a bit "tougher" in this picture taken by Glen Delman

Stromness South Georgia b3

Johnnie Shackleton (great-nephew of Ernest) does look like an explorer!

Stromness South Georgia 4

Alek just before jumping in the mountain lake to cool off ... as did several other people

Stromness South Georgia 5

Brownwyn took this picture of Alek and Paco cooling off in a mountain lake

Stromness South Georgia d2

Linda was a very strong hiker and super nice lady

Stromness South Georgia 6

At the high point before descending into Stromness Harbor - haven't lost any hikers! ;-)

Stromness South Georgia a7

Conrad and "Shackers" at the Mountain Pass

Stromness South Georgia 7

View of Stromness from the Pass - must have been quite the sight for Shackleton in 1916

Stromness South Georgia 9

Stromness South Georgia 8

This was snow covered and very treacherous in May 1916 when Shackleton hiked down - picture by JillG

Stromness South Georgia d1

Descending down the mountain side toward Stromness - mouseover image for close-up

stromness descent

Debra (James looking on) had tons of energy even after the hike - mouseover image for close-up

stromness handstand

Lots of people hung out for a while on this peaceful grassy plateau just above Stromness Harbor

Not so peaceful in a few minutes as a Skua attacks a Gentoo Penguin in a battle to the death - GORY pics
Stromness South Georgia a8

James takes a short nap despite the yammering penguins in the background

Stromness South Georgia j

James up from his nap and watching the Gentoo penguins as Paul takes pictures

Stromness South Georgia i

Debra keeping an eye on the Gentoo's

Stromness South Georgia l

Gentoo penguins gathered around this pond of cool water

Stromness South Georgia e

Panting penguins trying to stay cool in the unseasonably warm weather - almost 70°F

Stromness South Georgia h

Stromness South Georgia m

So periodically, the penguins would jump in the water to cool off even more

Stromness South Georgia k

Gentoo Penguin "hops" out of the water - mouseover image to see in action

stromness gentoo penguin

Gentoo Penguin poses on the grassy & mountainous landscape of South Georgia

Stromness South Georgia aa

This little guy put on quite the show for me - seemed to like the camera!

Stromness South Georgia a9

LindaC took this picture of a Skua eyeballing a penguin chick as a possible meal!

Stromness South Georgia d3

Almost down to the Stromness whaling station - mouseover image to see Alek in the foreground!

stromness whaling station

Paul "holds up" the Ocean Nova in Stromness Harbor

Stromness South Georgia ocean nova

John and Lani pose with the Ocean Nova

Stromness South Georgia q

Glen on the beach takes a picture of the Ocean Nova - mouseover image to see close-up

stromness glen on beach

Gentoo penguin hanging out on beach at Stromness Harbor

Stromness South Georgia a3

People, Penguins, and Seals with the rusting structures of Stromness in the background

Stromness South Georgia a2

Isaac positions to get a picture of a seal staying cool in a stream

Stromness South Georgia t

Suzanne and Isaac take a picture of Paco taking a picture of the same seal! ;-)

Stromness South Georgia u

An Albino fur seal - one out of about a thousand have an absence of color

Stromness South Georgia v

Little guy was pretty darn cute ... but predatory Leopard Seals can see 'em easier in water - bummer! :-(

Stromness South Georgia w

He put on quite a show for me - mouseover image to see head back on straight

stromness albino fur seal

He finally strolled off - note flipper feet

Stromness South Georgia z

Reindeer were brought to South Georgia by the Norwegian whalers

Stromness South Georgia a1

An Artic Tern (they migrate from one pole to the other!) flies over Stromness Harbor - mouseover image to see it land

stromness bird

Solitary Gentoo penguin strolls down the beach just before we leave Stromness Harbor

Stromness South Georgia ab

Debra, James, and Alek showing off their legs and Wellies! ;-)

Stromness South Georgia ac

Paul riding back on the Zodiac - mouseover image for sunglass reflection

stromness bird

Andy looking heroic as he drives the Zodiac away from Stromness

Stromness South Georgia ad

This was truly an amazing day ... although there were a so many fantastic days on our trip. The weather was gorgeous as we followed the last part of Shackleton's hike ... and stood where he heard the first sign of civilization (the whistle from the whaling station) and subsequent view of Stromness.
After dinner on the Ocean Nova (and a quick look at my pictures ;-), it was an early bed time since there would be another 5:30AM Zodiac run the next morning to see almost a million penguins in Saint Andrews Bay, South Georgia!

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