Green River Rafting - Day 2

After our first day rafting the Green River, we camped overnight and woke up ready for some more fun.

OARS river guides Steve, Bret, Seth, David, and Jay - they were awesome!

green river f1

I'm not sure who was having more fun goofing around here - David or Kyle?!? ;-)

green river ff

Kyle shows off his sand castle to Bret

green river f3

OARS boats tied up on the Green River as Dirk & Kyle play in the sand - mouseover image to see closeup

green river kids sand

Horseshoes were a popular activity while ashore

green river fj

green river fk

Needless to say, the river guides were ringers! ;-)

green river fg

green river fh

green river fi

The "washer game" was darn simple ... and darn fun!

green river f2

green river f4

Can Crusher helps to smash things down as everything is packed out

green river fd

Most of us did a hike that afternoon up to a nearby waterfall

green river fa

green river f9

We did this rafting trip in early June and there were numerous flowering cactus

green river f7

green river f8

View of the Green River while hiking back from the waterfall - mouseover image to see wide angle view

green river view

Evening view of our campsite on the Green River

green river fe

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