Green River Rafting - Day 1

If the Green River summary page wasn't enough for you, here's some more pictures from Day 1 of our multi-day rafting trip.

We saw the Green River the day before from the Harpers Corner overlook inside Dinosaur National Park

green river z3

Some pretty amazing rock formations

green river z2

Here's a closeup - turns out we had lunch the third day on the Green River on this sandy beach

green river z1
After a pre-departure meeting the night before, we met at the OARS office in Vernal, Utah early the next morning for a couple hour drive Northeast to the Green River put-in at the Gates of Lodore
green river a0

Alek & Kyle in front and Dirk & Wendy in back about to push off down the Green river

green river a1

Bret Wojciak paddles us out from the put-in ... he was great!

green river a3

About to enter the Gates of Lodore

green river a2

Scary looking photographer dude! ;-)

green river a4

Kyle smiles for the camera as we get closer to the Canyon walls

green river a5

Dirk was also pretty darn excited about rafting down the Green River

green river a6

Kyle and Dirk look up at the Canyon Walls ... and yes, that is my camera bag that was moved shortly!

green river a7

David pulls on the oars of another boat - our river trip had five guides with 15 passengers

green river a8

Coming in to our first stop at one of the typical sandbar beaches on the Green River

green river a9

Dirk and Kyle give a thumbs-up to the tasty food - it was great - you won't go hungry on an OARS trip!

green river aa

Wendy and Bret reflected in Dirk's sunglasses

green river ab

Camera bag has been stowed as we enter the first set of Green River rapids - lots more of these to come!

green river ac

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If you want to have an incredible rafting experience, check out the great trips at OARS - they were awesome!