Misc. "interesting/different" pictures shot by the 2004 Halloween Webcam

Like most webcam's (wanna see growing grass ;-), the reality is most of the pictures shot by the halloween webcam are not THAT "interesting" ... unless of course you are really into halloween decorations. However, there are some that are more "interesting" than others, and the camera catches stuff like cars driving by the house, people gawking at the lights, me driving into the garage, kids playing in the yard, and other "interesting" things. Note that "interesting" continues to be quoted ... I'm not sure any of the above is truly interesting! ;-)

Here are a couple of "interesting" shots from the halloween webcam.
2004_10_07_variousAn "American Spanky" for my Austrialian Surfers
2004_10_10_variousWebcam still "burps" from time to time even with firmware upgrade
2004_10_11_variousNeighborhood kid plucks the ghost's eyeball!
2004_10_18_variousDriving into the garage via a nifty animated JPEG slide show
2004_10_24_variousSome pesky varmit chews through one of my power cords!
2004_10_28_variousThe "buttons" from the webcam

If you notice a halloween webcam picture that is truly cool/neat, send me an Email with an exact as time as possible (plus what was cool about it) and I'll look in the archives to see if it merits putting up here. Be sure to see nice christmas pictures along with all of the cool holiday pictures.