First Colorado Snow

Here are a few snapshots from the halloween decorations webcam showing the First Colorado Snow! There are a bunch of other nifty nifty halloween pictures along with halloween movies and halloween music

Hulk doesn't care too much for snow

hulk first snow

Webcam2 shows first real snow starting to come down - video

first snow

A bit more white stuff by that evening

first snow 2

Frank and Homer "hang in there" as snow piles up on 'em - video

snow piles up on inflatables

Car drives by after lights out at 10:00PM with low-lux image enhancement on - video

late night car

Low-lux mode makes Pumpkin go Super-Nova - video

pumpkin flare

Pumpkin still inflated, but lights off

pumpkin flare

Alek brushes the snow off the witch the next morning - sunrise video

witch snow

Frankenstein also has some "dandruff" that needs wiping off - sunrise video


Front yard has a nice dusting of white stuff - video of it melting that day and the next one

front yard snow

Alligator goes after Flamingos in the snow

alligator flamingo snow

Closeup of Alligator having breakfast at sunrise

alligator snow

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