Halloween Pictures

Here are a few snapshots from the halloween decorations webcam - see the complete play-by-play on the halloween blog and instant message log. Also watch the halloween movies while listening to halloween music. And there is also a collection of christmas pictures showing my outa-control christmas lights! ;-)

Two (!) Hulks, Grim Reaper, Frankenstein, and Homer Simpson - D'OH!

halloween decorations

Halloween Picture of the Front Yard

halloween front yard

The Haunted Office is quite the sight!

halloween haunted office

Picture of the Halloween Display with lights off - 30 second exposure

halloween full moon

Picture of Hulk's Ghost in the Halloween Display

halloween 5712

Hulk's Ghost hanging out in the Front Yard

halloween 5714

Two Halloween Skulls "guard" webcam #2

halloween skull

Alek up on the roof installing Halloween Stuff

halloween roof

Halloween Inflatables posing for picture on webcam1

halloween webcam1 9/30

Hulkmobile was in local small town parade for Cub Scouts

halloween hulkmobile

My 7-year old Son Kyle helps with the Setup

halloween kyle 9/29

Kyle with his buddy "Frank"

halloween kyle frank

Doing an open-fan transplant from Elmo to the Skull

halloween fix fan

One of the "hazards" of putting up holiday!

halloween wasp

Frank and Homer the "morning after" a rainy evening

halloween frank homer

Morning Frost ... and Coyote Poop!

halloween frost poop

Webcam3 has a laptop where Internet Surfers can chime in

halloween haunted office 10/06

Some pretty observant folks ...

halloween backwards clock

... and pretty funny too!

halloween captive

Even when there is a scary dude posing for a halloween picture

halloween scary face

Grim Reaper Motorcycle Dude is new for 2008

halloween grim reaper motorcycle

A bit nippy with the morning frost

halloween morning frost

Sun casts shadows of the rooftop Halloween Decorations - watch video

halloween shadows

Rocky Mountain News endorses the Hulk for President - full size

halloween endorsement

Channel 3 News on grass-roots support of "Hulk for President" - watch video

hulk for prez video

My Son Kyle peaks out from behind Homer - D'OH!

halloween kyle

Halloween Picture of the Hulk Brothers - zoom-out - zoom-in

halloween hulks

Kids enjoyed controlling the halloween display with the X10 remotes

halloween kids

Canon 40D DSLR versus DLink webcam ... Mouse-over to see diff

halloween webcam1 DSLR

Replacing an X-10 Super Socket than failed after excessive usage

halloween 5718

Firing up the Fog Machine in the Halloween Haunted Office

halloween fog machine

Internet Surfers are pretty darn funny ...

halloween pbr1

Yea, Heads-Up Harry is soooo close, yet so far!

halloween pbr

Trick-or-Treat candy for the kids

halloween 5760

And something a bit "stronger" for the adults!

halloween 5750

Heads-Up Harry wishes he could take a sip of this too!

halloween 5751

Colored Rope Light is used to create a Red, White, and Blue BOO in the front lawn

halloween 5007 boo

Every Halloween Display needs a witch ... and SpongeBob SquarePants! ;-)

halloween witch

Mouse Over to see how much the afternoon shadows "move" during the month

halloween webcam1 DSLR

There were several hundred trick-or-treaters on Halloween night

halloween webcam2

Some even came around on bikes

halloween webcam1

Plus people from all over the world "trick-or-treat'ed online"

halloween webcam3

Frankenstein's little buddy with big brother Punk Rocker Dude

halloween frank

Kids got quite the haul

halloween candy 1
halloween candy 2

A few post-halloween (50-75% off!) purchases for next year

halloween buys

A few (!) of the Halloween Decorations stacked in the basement ready to be put away

halloween cleanup

Dirk helped me stack up nice and neat - ready for Halloween 2009!

halloween putaway

The stuff inside the pumpkin rotates ... when it doesn't get tangled up - D'OH! ;-)

halloween pumpkin

Wide-angle picture of the entire Halloween Display - Zoomed in a bit

halloween 4939

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