Slasher Dude

Among the 200+ trick-or-treaters that came by Halloween night 2006 was this "Slasher Dude - YIKES! The halloween decorations webcam got a few pictures of him hanging out and looking pretty darn ... wellll ... slashy! The pictures get scarier as you scroll down.

Slasher Dude hands me his monster butcher knife

slasher dude 1

Dracula likes blood, so buddies with Slasher Dude

slasher dude 2

Slasher Dude's Dad takes a swig! ;-)

slasher dude 3

Looks like he ready to take a swing with that knife

slasher dude 4

Slasher Dude moves closer to the webcam

slasher dude 5

Big knife, lotsa blood - YIKES!

slasher dude 6

Don't mess with Slasher Dude!!!!

slasher dude 7

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