Thor X 10,000,000 candlepower spot light

So a while back I was in Costco and they were selling a 10,000,000 candlepower spotlight called the Thor-x ... for $25. I bought it, figuring something like this could come in handy for my halloween decorations and/or christmas decorations - if nothing else, The Incredible HULK would like to be lit up at night.

This monster is pretty heavy and big, but puts out one heck of a 'ya beam of light. I don't know if it is branded for Costco, but it is called the Thor-X 10,000,000 candlepower spotlight. I understand there is now a 15,000,000 candlpower version, you could probably get a tan from sitting in front of that baby! I'll take some pictures of it in action when I fire up the halloween webcam and post those here to see what it looks like.

Kyle with the Thor-X

I asked him to lift it - "it's too heavy Daddy"

Thor X Light Thor X Heavy

Another cool gadget I picked up from Target for $19.99 was a Lighting FX box which allows your lights to be controlled via music - not sure if/how I'm going to use this, but kinda fun to play with.