Nathab Fall-Fest Olympics ... HULK SMASH for the win!

My wife has worked for Natural Habitat Adventures for 20+ years ... and even as the company has gotten a (lot) bigger, they still have a lot of fun. Their annual Fall-Fest for 2019 was an "Olympic Competition" ... with teams assigned by color. My wife was on Team Green ... and so when brainstorming for creative ideas with her teammates, she told 'em "check out my husband's Hulk website."

They already suspected I was a bit crazy, but that certainly cinched it ... and they decided to go all-in with a HULK SMASH theme ... complete with green wigs and body paint! I ended up being the timekeeper for the "Olympics" ... so it was fun seeing them (and everyone else) compete in the zany activities. When the numbers were tallied, they were in 3rd place ... BUT ... there was a final 500 point bonus for best costumes/spirit ... and when they won that, they took the Gold Medal! ;-)

Click on images to see HULK-SIZED!

The Olympic Teams: "Make it Rain" "Hawaii 5-0" "Hillibilies" "Purple Cows" "Hulk Smash" "Tacky Tourists"

Nathab Fall Fest whole group

The Green Team SMASHED the competition to win the gold medal

Nathab Fall Fest whole group

Nathab Fall Fest whole group

Wide-angle and closeup of how "pooped" the HULK was after winning! ;-)

HULK pooped

Wendy the night before posing in front of our peach trees

Nathab Fall Fest Wendy