2019 Peaches - moderate harvest!!!

Our two peach trees have periodic harvests - 2007 was a decent year and 2008 was HUGE as was 2010 (no pics), followed by 2012 which provided a MONSTER crop ... which had over a two thousand peaches, but many broken branches ... so we then called 'em Franken-Tree's! ;-) We got basically zippo the next 3 years ... but 2016 was another big year, and even with fewer branches (and aggressive early season pruning), I'd estimate we got about 1,500 peaches from the two trees! 2018 wasn't as big ... and even though Franken-Tree has lost even more limbs, we still had over a 1,000 peaches.

I figured 2019 would be an "OFF" year ... but we ended up getting about 500 peaches from the two trees ... and the Franken-Tree only has a few main branches left ... but still delivered the biggest, juiciest, tastiest ones. This is despite another raccoon "invasion" - scroll down for pics/video.

Sep 4th, 2019: Peaches piled up ... but just this shelf, rather than all over the house as some years

peach tree 2019 harvest a0

Peaches in the outside fridge/freezer so we can eat 'em for the rest of the year
But unlike 2018, not enough to load up side door or bottom

peach tree 2019 harvest a1

Video of the monster peach harvest in 2012 - 2019 was all hand-picked by yours truly

Raccoons showed up again in 2019 for the peaches - LOTS of pics/videos with daily battle reports! ;-)

peach tree 2019 harvest r0

peach tree 2019 harvest r1

Here's some videos from just ONE day - LOTS more here

Wrapping Sheet Metal around the trunk of the tree seemed to be a good raccoon deterrent

peach tree 2019 harvest r2