How The Incredible Hulk got here

I was out shopping in June/2003 with the family and in front of the Louisville, Colorado Alberson's store was a HUGE blowup of The Incredible Hulk - this was apparently some sort of Nabisco promotion. I thought this was really cool, and inquired inside about it ... and ended up talking to Joan, the Store Manager. She said the promotion was about over, and they would raffle it off. While I did resist the temptation to stuff the ballot, I did submit a a rather unique entry as shown below!

And it turned out I won ... so then I had the challenge of getting The Incredible Hulk back to my house ... but fortunately, I had the 1972 Olds Delta 88 Convertible. I had used this car last year to carry some shade trees ... so while it was a tight fit ... plus the Hulkster wanted to drive the Hulkmobile (I wasn't going to argue!) ... it was up to the task. I would have loved some aerial photos of the drive home - let just say I got a LOT of attention - almost as much attention as I've gotten for my christmas decorations ;-)

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The Incredible Hulk Car - aka the HulkMobile

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