Shade Trees

The backyard of our house has a SouthWest exposure, so it gets pounded in the summer by the Colorado sun. Also, we had a drought in the summer of 2002 ... so after various analysis (including graphing the Sun azimuth/elevation as a function of date/time), I decided to get some shade trees. So we went to a local tree farm and picked some out, and since Alek didn't want to pay the $150 delivery fee, I had 'em load the shade trees in the convertible. Suffice to say, the workers there thought it was an unusual vehicle to transport trees in, but it all worked out well. I planted 'em with help from my folks and while they grew slowly, they did provide some shade ... but not a whole lot.

But when I drew up my my patio designs, I had to take two shade trees out in 2005 when I put in stamped concrete. And thanx to my wife Wendy who picked 'em up at Home Depot for $119, the replacement was a couple of patio umbrellas that have worked out pretty darn well.

Loading up at the Shade Trees

shade trees

Convertible delivers shade trees all the way to the backyard

car carry trees

Dirk assists my folks in digging the holes for the trees

Dirk digging trees

A previous generation digs trees ... ;-)

old trees

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