The Incredible DEFLATING Hulk

Click on image to watch movie of Hulk deflating

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Click on image to watch movie of Hulk deflating

I've had The Incredible Hulk for several years, and even though he is pretty tough, he's starting to show some wear-n-tear. Being outside for several months a year for my halloween decorations and christmas lights displays is rough on a big green inflatable; especially when a multiple Colorado snow storms come through.

hulk snowstorm

In 2005, my brother Kurt helped me fix a leak in the Hulk. But after a recent pounding from the kids, his right foot, left arm, and chest would not hold air. So I put him up in front of the fireplace along with a big analog clock and setup a webcam to watch/record. I then pumped him up with a high-pressure hose, and over the course of the next 9 hours, you can you can watch him deflate! ;-)

I then patched him up. Was easy to patch the small hole in his chest, but the pinhole leak in his arm seam was difficult as was the one near his big toe on his foot. One of these days I may have to get another one on eBay, but for now, my Big Green Buddy is ready for SMASHING again!