The Incredible Hulk at the 2004 Blue Heron Parade

The Hulk in the Pool after the 2003 parade and the Big Green Guy rides again in 2005 and 2006.

hulk parade

Little Kyle riding shotgun in the Hulkmobile

hulkmobile 1

Puny Human Tom big, but not as big as Hulk!

hulkmobile 2

There was a water ballon toss after the parade

baloon toss 1

The balloons were Hulk-sized

baloon toss 2

Dirk is NOT going to be catch this one!

baloon toss 4

Guy demonstrates how to catch a ballon

baloon toss 3

The Hulkmobile at the rear of the parade this year

hulkmobile 3

The Hulk and "the boys"

hulkmobile 4

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