The Incredible Hulk at the 2005 Blue Heron Parade

For the 3rd year in a row, The Incredible Hulk participated in the Neighborhood Parade riding in the Delta 88 Convertible. The Big Green Guy had started in 2003 and then in 2004 ... and despite having some muscle tone problems recently (Dr. Zodiac Boat Repair (aka my brother Kurt) had to fix a leak) the Hulk was ready to go in 2005 as he once again ended up in the pool. And yes, he showed up again for the 2006 parade.

Alek, Dirk, and Kyle ride up front with Tony the Tiger

Hulkmobile is a fine ride

hulk car 1 hulk car 2

Racer's poised at the start - Hulkmobile brings up the rear

hulk parade 1

And they are off!

hulk parade 2

Puny Human GuyB on Puny Human bike

parade bike guy

Hulk think this bike is fine looking

hulk bike 10

Hulk think this bike rider is mighty fine looking! ;-)

bike cutie

Popsicles after the parade ... and then onto the pool

hulk all

"Little" Hulk Kyle measures up to the Big Green Guy

hulk pool 10

Hulk starts up the Belly Flop Contest

hulk pool 20

Hulk gets some serious air time

hulk pool 30

The Judges score it a 9.7!

hulk pool 40

And then the judges decide to POUND on the Hulk

kids pool 1

The Big Green Guy takes it well

kids pool 2