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There was an Search Engine Optimization contest going on from May 7th, 2004 to July 7th, 2004 where people try to get their websites to rank high in Google for the keyphrase Nigritude Ultramarine - complete details and history are available at the Nigritude Ultramarine FAQ. Just for grins, I "hijacked" my home page for about 36 hours starting at 1730 MDT on Saturday, June 5th with (basically) what you see here ... but I barely showed up in the top-1000. I then then set things back that Monday morning after the end of the first half of the contest. While "black hat" SEO's will use all sorts of tricks, the Nigritude Ultramarine Hulk will only use "white hat" techniques to try to win stuff with help from supporters who have nifty halloween decorations, and christmas lights.

The N-U contest is over now, but web pages are "forever", so you can see who still exists/rank high by doing a Google search for nigritude ultramarine - I ranked #199 on July 7th, so I busted into the top-200 ... and as of July 27th, 2004, I've moved up to #74 ... and as of January 4th, 2006, this page is #27 - watch out! Finally, this page does rank #1 in a Google search for nigritude ultramarine Hulk.

BTW, I could not help but notice that Google Adsense decided to run ads on the top of this page for Rat Zappers & Animal Repellent (the ads may change) ... so is Google trying to tell us something about some SEO's?!? ;-)