Basement Junk

My basement crawlspace looks pretty darn pristine after I did the last step which was put down the basement carpet. But that's not actually the last step - I gotta fill it up with all my basement junk! I've started filling it up as can be seen in the pictures below - check back in a few days to see my progress.

Quite a bit of clutter in the basement ... but not for long

basement junk

Recall the cut-out was sized for the ping-pong table ... just fits!
This is an unmodified picture as shot by 4-year old Kyle - not bad.

ping pong table

This isn't quite how ping pong is played

ping pong table boys

All the Halloween junk - Christmas stuff started on right

halloween junk

Brother Myke's Junk!

myke junk

Christmas junk wedged in between the two

christmas junk

Have made some serious progress ... at least looking to the West

basement junk 11

But looking the other way, there is still a bit of junk left in the basement

basement junk 21

So I ask the Boys to help me clean up ...

kids cleanup

But jumping on the bed is a lot more fun! ;-)

jumping boys

The HULK doesn't help much with the cleanup either

hulk hideout 1

It's a tight squeeze for the Big Green Guy

hulk hideout 2

But he does (barely) fit in

hulk hideout 3

©2005 - Alek Komarnitsky