Copper Mountain AIR!!!

Here's a few pictures from Copper Mountain, Colorado on January 25th, 2007. I had an enjoyable day with my wonderful wife Wendy who was trying out her new ski boots - an early Valentine's present! ;-)

Despite no new snow for several days, the skiing was pretty decent as the snow was "grippy." Plus there wasn't a cloud in the sky, so I got a few nice pictures with my brand-spanking-new Canon SD800IS ... check out these hot-doggers we ran into on the back-side of Copper Mountain that were getting some decent air.

Unfortunately, on March 1st, 2015 I fractured my left fibula while skiing Upper Echantment Forest at Copper Mountain.
Check out the Chinese Downhill at Copper Mountain the week before Christmas/2016! ;-)

Copper Mountain Skier

copper mountain skier

Copper Mountain SnowBoarder

copper mountain snowboarder

Wendy on nearby rocks

copper mountain rocks

Yes, she is really up there

copper mountain rocks

Alek & Wendy at Copper Mountain, Colorado

copper mountain couple

Nice helmet - note Cameraman in sunglasses

copper mountain rocks

Looking NE from top of Copper Mountain, Colorado toward I-70

copper mountain
Yea, that my retro $4 Bill Johnson ski helmet. I look a bit more dashing when I ski Eldora, Colorado in a tuxedo ... and a Colorado Gold Pass would complete the attire. But while I may not look good, at least I ski the bumps! ;-) Speaking of that, check out this video of Wendy coming down Copper Mountain.

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