2009 Christmas Lights Webcam Updates

For reference, here is the christmas 2008 webcam updates.

2009_10_01: The warmup for Christmas is the halloween decorations webcam which was turned on today. Over 7,500 lights in this years Halloween Decorations plus giant inflatable Frankenstein, Grim Reapers, Pumpkins, Witches, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Homer Simpson - D'OH!!! ;-)

2009_10_26: The Christmas Blog has been turned on a bit early in case Halloween fans wanted to start commenting.

2009_10_31: Another crazy-fun Halloween night! After two feet of snow two days earlier, the sun came out and it warmed up, so almost 300 trick-or-treaters came by. They almost cleaned me out of candy (I'm very generous, especially early on) and I also passed out shots of Bailey's, Port, Tequila, and Egg Nog Whiskey for the "big" kids. Check out all the action in the time-lapse halloween movies while listening to some halloween music and read the funny commentary in the halloween blog. Come back for halloween 2010! ;-)

2009_11_05: While I was busy taking down my Halloween decorations, my neighbor again won the annual "competition" to see who can put their Christmas stuff up first ... by putting out one inflatable Santa and one inflatable Penguin. While my stuff won't be up for a couple of weeks, rest assured that my display will have just a wheeee bit more stuff! ;-)

2009_11_21: I was gone for a week on a pretty nifty Polar Bear trip and promised my two boys that if they were good for Mom, I would ante up the big bucks (and pay full price, rather than post-holiday 50-75% off) to get the enormous 15' Santa Balloon at Home Depot. They were good ... so now I have to figure out how I'm going to secure it, especially when the winds picks up.

2009_11_25: Most of the front yard (webcam2) and Santa's workshop (webcam3) are setup, so I turned those on and enabled the X10 controls - Christmas/2009 has begun! ;-)

2009_11_29: Most of the house is setup, and Elmo, SpongeBob, Homer Simpson (D'OH!), and the 12' Santa have been deployed, so webcam1 is turned on and we're fully operational for Christmas!

2009_12_07: Have had several minor snowstorms, so about 6" accumulated on the ground and we're in the middle of some really cold weather. Fortunately, no major winds as those can cause major damage to a Christmas Display. Some minor issues with the 802.11 wireless connectivity to the webcams, but now seems to be pretty stable. Online traffic to the website continues to build as it typically does in December. Neighborhood kids really enjoy it and always fun to see the smiling faces checking out the Christmas Lights.

2009_12_11: The Boulder Daily Camera has a lengthy article about the Christmas display and Celiac fund-raising ... good writeup with some great pics.

2009_12_25: A White Christmas in Colorado ... and the "best" present this year was a monster Star Wars Lego set for Kyle - woot!

2010_01_01: Happy New Year to everyone - tonight is the last chance to view and control the Christmas Lights ... still quite a bit of snow!

2010_01_07: A lot of Internet surfers worldwide (157 countries) enjoyed watching & controlling the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease but all good things must come to an end as I have turned off commenting on the Christmas Blog. Over $40,000 has been raised for Charity. Surf on back for Christmas 2010 and Merry Christmas from www.komar.org! ;-)


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