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A lotta folks enjoy my christmas decorations & christmas webcam so you can use this christmas blog to toss in your two cents for all to see. Answers to most questions can be found at the christmas FAQ. You are limited to 2000 characters (no HTML) and pls keep it relevant and family friendly. Thank you in advance for your holiday comments, consider linking to this site ... and Merry Christmas!

You can also send an "Instant Message via webcam" from the main page - the text entry is right below the X10 power controls. Read the thousands of IM's and watch time lapse christmas videos of 'em.

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9 - Canada - Spruce Grove Alberta 53.5490°N 113.8995°W "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2014/10/30 21:08:32
This blog is going to be o be rockin in 2014!

8 - United States - Morrisville North Carolina 35.8601°N 78.8326°W "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2014/10/30 05:23:39

7 - United States - Westland Michigan 42.3318°N 83.3710°W "ErrantEgo" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 22:05:21
Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!

6 - United States - Belleville Michigan 42.1759°N 83.4807°W "Richard" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 14:49:29
I love the christmas blog!

5 - Europe - City N/A 47.0000°N 8.0000°E "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 14:11:44
Very marry Christmas for everyone! But first - happy Haloween! - from Hungary

4 - United Kingdom - Lincoln Lincolnshire 53.0908°N 0.4081°W "alan eason" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 14:03:22
just saw my first xmas tree in someones window today but aleks xmas blog is the start of xmas

3 - United Kingdom - Burgess Hill West Sussex 50.9691°N 0.1114°W "Euan" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 13:21:25
#3 HO HO HO!

2 - Canada - Toronto Ontario 43.7193°N 79.4300°W "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2014/10/29 12:50:01
Christmas season has officially started

1 - United States - Hulkville in the Republic of Boulder, Colorado Alek says at 2014/10/29 12:00:00
It's two days before Halloween and needless to say, there will be lots of Trick-or-Treaters checking out the crazy halloween decorations tomorrow ... which is also seeable online on the halloween webcam. But this is just the warmup for Christmas so I have re-enabled commenting on the Christmas Blog ... and I hope to have the zany christmas webcam online by December 1st and maybe sometime after Thanksgiving. As one person wrote to me "Can I have you as my dad? It just keeps getting more awesome each year Alek!" ... HO-HO-HO! ;-)
christmas house

christmas house wide angle

christmas front yard

christmas santa workshop

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