SUPER Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Our patio deck has a SouthWest exposure, so over the years, I've had various patio designs to try to provide some relief from the blazing sun, yet also give some sort of view and openness. In 2002, I planted some shade trees which helped a little, but didn't grow that fast. I then spent quite a bit of time looking at various overhead shade structures such as sun sails or even a solid structure attached to the house - this woulda cost over $30K!

So my wife saw these patio umbrellas at Home Depot for $119 and picked up two of 'em - they work great.

My wife is right ... again!

Tastes Great AND Less Filling! ;-)

alek umbrella 1 alek umbrella 2

Kyle and Wendy enjoy umbrella shade

Note extra shade underneath the table! ;-)

patio shade 1 patio shade 2

Both patio umbrellas stowed

West one angled

patio umbrellas 1 patio umbrellas 2

Full umbrella extension

Both patio umbrellas deployed

patio umbrellas 3 patio umbrellas 4

A few weeks later, that wood deck was replaced by a stamped concrete patio which included some built-in unbrella stands in the flowerpots.